What are the benefits of FASTag?

Many car owners pay cash at toll plazas and compromise on their expenses for the trip. They cannot enjoy it entirely because of the shortage of finance. Nowadays, many services have become available online, including toll payments. All the family members, including the car owner and driver, can enjoy their outing without any financial difficulty. Online modes of payment transfers for tolls have increased convenience and saved lots of time.

By using an electronic toll collection method, many car owners and toll officials have reduced the hassle of waiting to pay or arranging for change. They can link the tag with their bank accounts for secure debit without carrying extra cash or spending from the money stored for other expenses. Following are the benefits it offers:

  1. Easy and quick toll payments: FASTag uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to scan the tag fixed on vehicles. After reaching the toll booth, the authorities will examine the tag, and the amount gets deducted from the driver or car owner’s linked bank account. The registered mobile number receives an SMS alert of the debit. The process has become quick and easy with this facility.
  2. No halts at toll plazas: Since there are no cash transactions, car owners need not halt at toll plazas to pay cash. It leads to quick passage of vehicles and also saves a lot of fuel while waiting at the toll plaza for payment or stopping and starting the car regularly.
  3. Online recharge facility: All owners can use the FASTag online recharge facility using debit and credit cards. They can also use internet transfer modes in this cashless economy and save the load of carrying extra cash.
  4. Extended validity: The account has a validity of five years after which the owner has to apply for renewal. Thus, an extended validity makes it easy for owners to pay conveniently.
  5. An online portal: An online portal is available for owners of this facility to view previous transactions and generate statements. It helps employees claim charges from the company while going on business trips.
  6. Safer for the environment: Since FASTag electronic toll collection avoids usage of paper, it is eco-friendly. Absence of paper helps keep the environment clean and tidy. The Indian government has made it mandatory for all vehicles to use electronic methods to pay toll at expressways and highways. Many toll plazas have tag scanners installed after the implementation of this rule.

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