What are the Benefits of Wearing Wooden Watches?

In this digital era, where smartphones and other wearable technologies are popular, traditional wristwatches have taken a backseat. Today, a lot of smart gadgets are available in the market, including smart digital wristwatches. So, what do you think? Is this the end of traditional wristwatches? The answer is no. Regardless of the technology, conventional wristwatches will always be the symbol of status for people. The technology can never replace these watches in terms of the traditional touch they provide to the wearer.

In this blog, we will see the merits of wooden watches. There are many shops from where you can buy the best online watches in Austin.


Wood is a renewable resource of energy. Generally, the wooden watches are either made from previously used wooden resources or sustainable sources. The sustainable wooden source means a sapling replaces the tree that is cut to make the wooden wristwatch. This ensures that the forest resources are managed well.

The wooden products must be made of sustainable sources because sustainable management prevents the loss of habitat. Therefore if you are an environment lover, you can buy black wooden watches in Austin.

Natural and Unique

Every wooden watch is unique. Wood is a product that is not manufactured in industries like plastics and steel, but is obtained from natural sources, trees. This makes the wooden watches different from metal or plastic watches. We can also say that metal and plastic watches are replicas because companies produce these watches in a large quantity. But in the case of wooden watches, all watches are unique.


If you have bought online metal watches in Austin, you have experienced their weight. The metal used in the manufacturing of metal watches is dense, which increases the weight of these wristwatches. Also, metal is more dense than wood. The denser the material is, the more is its weight. This is the reason wooden watches are light in weight as compared to their counterparts metal watches.

If you want to buy online watches in Austin with a large watch face, wooden watches will be the right choice for you. This is because the large metal watches are heavier due to the density of the metal. But this is not the case with watches made of wood.


Wooden watches are not only unique and attractive but also affordable than other types of watches. Many versions of wooden watches are inexpensive. It is possible to get a stylish and attractive watch for men and women under your budget in the wooden category.

Maintain the wooden watch properly, and it will last longer. Follow all the manufacturers’ instructions to take care of your wooden watch. You can use coconut oil or beeswax for polishing the wooden watch but be careful and do not let the oil into the mechanical parts of the watch.

Casual or Formal Style

Wearing a wooden watch also shows that you care for your environment. Wooden watches are available in the market in both formal and casual styles. Also, these watches are available in different colors. You can buy black wooden watches in Austin, brown wooden watches, etc. Some versions of wooden watches are also available in the market, making them suitable for both casual and formal wear. Wooden watches are also ideal for different outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, etc. The wooden watches are the perfect example of combining eco-friendliness with design and style.


Metal and plastic materials do not suit the skin of some people, especially those with sensitive skin. This is because these watches can cause certain types of allergies to these people. This makes the metal and plastic watch uncomfortable for them.

Wood is a natural material. Thus, it is less likely to cause skin reactions and allergies. Also, unlike metal watches, wooden watches do not get extremely hot in summer. This means that wooden watches are less irritating to the skin.

In a Nutshell

  • No two wooden watches are identical because the wood grains in every watch are different from the others. You can compare it with human DNA.
  • Wood has an extremely low level of a carbon footprint as compared to metal or plastic watches.
  • Wooden watches are stylish and will never go out of style.
  • Wooden watches are light in weight because of their lower density than metal. The wood of a Bamboo tree, Sandalwood tree, etc., is used to manufacture wooden watches.
  • Wooden watches are eco-friendly.

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