What are the best places to Excavate in Lost Ark?

Excavation is a very useful skill in Lost Ark, Excavation can get hidden items, some hidden items can only be through mining skills, so mining is also considered to be the best one in Lost Ark. To access different Excavate locations, you need to use Lost Ark Items  to level up your character level or item level, and RPGStash can help you quickly.

After unlocking the excavation, visit different locations on the map to unearth hidden treasures, you can even get ancient items and relics. At the beginning stage, you will find common items, and as you trade higher, you will be able to acquire rarer items. So, be patient with your trading skill level.

Best place to Excavate

We’ll find the best spots for Excavation from three different levels.

Tier 1

Players at Tier 1 can get rare relics and may be disappointed that there aren’t many good points to mine. RPGStash recommends that you head to Acetin to find the Arid Path, which is the best place to Excavate in Lost Ark for beginners.

Arid Path is not very competitive, with only a small number of enemies, players can easily unearth hidden treasures. Lucky players get rare items. Regardless, the Arid Path is a great place to visit.

Tier 2

Players who enter Tier 2 need to unlock Azure Wind Island and Feiton, Azure Wind Island is the best Excavateging spot in Tier 2, there are few enemies, but many amazing items, and you will face a lot of competition because players who hunt for treasure here also relatively more.

And Feiton is another great Excavateging spot where you can Excavate up items of high rarity. The place Felton needs to go is Monastery Plaza in the Shaddy Cliff area. You will meet a lot of players here because Feiton is very popular.

Tier 3

Players entering Tier 3, you need to unlock Puika, its area level is relatively high, you need to use Lost Ark Gold or other to increase your item level to 1100, to successfully enter Puika.

Tikatika Colony and Secret Forest are the best places to Excavate in Tier 3, and due to the lack of competition, Excavateging in Secret Forest will probably be better than in Tikatika Colony. Golden Wave Island also caught the attention of players, following other players to Excavate high rarity Tier 3 items here.

All in all, these are good locations for players to dig for, and you can get a lot of Tier 3 items. If you’re still in Tier 1, you won’t be able to experience more excavations, in order to experience higher tier exploration and excavation earlier, make sure you clear each area to get a lot of artifacts.

That’s all there is to know about the best mining spots in Lost Ark. If you want to know more, please follow and bookmark RPGStash. In addition, RPGStash will offer the best Lost Ark Items for sale, and you can also quickly Buy Lost Ark Gold  to level up your character and enjoy more challenging maps.

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