What are the best tips to keep your child’s heart healthy?



Taking charge of your child’s heart is important. If your child is facing any heart related issues then before you check with the best heart specialist hospital in Chandigarh, it is important you follow a few important tips to keep the heart of the child healthy.


The most effective way to do it is by making healthy living a priority for the whole family. If you practice a healthy lifestyle for your family, your child sees that makes it a priority. He will adopt what he will see. Here are the few smart tips you must follow-


  • Exercising
    Exercise as a family. Go for walks, swimming, playing and bike rides and this will help them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  • Be positive
    Incorporate fun activities at home. Celebrate small events, successes to promote a sense of positive self esteem amongst all members of the family.

  • Limit screen time
    Excessive screen time can affect your children’s health negatively. Limite the computer, tv and phone time to a limited number of hours in a day.

  • Spend time together
    Learn to spend time together. Be it in the kitchen, shopping, playing or visiting outside.

  • Keep healthy options handy
    When your child comes back from school, give them healthy snacks like whole grain crackers, cheese, hummus dip and vegetable puddings.

  • Check salt intake
    Avoid the processed foods completely and keep salt off the table. Make sure your little one consumes very minimal quantity.

  • Be involved with children
    Be an advocate of your children. Encourage and insist on healthy food choices.

  • Be realistic
    Be practical and realistic about the goals you want to achieve for your children. Take small steps and it will help you make a big difference in the lives of your children. Start small and achieve big.


These are the few healthy practices which if followed regularly can help you as well as your child a great deal in tackling the health issues. If you are still looking for a health care expert or any best heart specialist hospital in Chandigarh then get in touch with Crayons Health. They have the best therapist in the region offering healthcare support, quality care and a comprehensive set of services. They also have the best psychologist doctor in Chandigarh that is constantly engaged in providing physical, mental and emotional support to the individuals of all the age groups.

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