What Are the Codes for Gate A, B, and C in Fortnite Season 3

Epic Games never loses a single chance to enhance the gaming experience of Fortnite. They continue to include new updates, events, features and challenges to the game ever since it was released. Following the perseverance, they have recently updated Fortnite Season 3 with a whole new Featured Hub. The Hub has been added to the game to inflate its intricacy as well as gaming fun. Gamers need to access the Hub, and then, they will be stuck in a lobby full of locked doors.

The door requires a specific code to unlock them, and, in this blog, we have shared a proper guide about them. Although the whole process is quite simple, still we advise gamers to read it carefully to avail of the possible outcomes.

What Are the Codes for Gate A, B, and C

The gamers need first to know that, specifically, there are three gates in the Creative Hub lobby. The gates are known as A, B and C. Players need to insert an individual code into each gate to unlock them. Once gamers have successfully accessed the Creative Hub, then they need to first head towards gate A and then require to enter 383 into the required section. Once they have successfully inserted the code, the gate will be unlocked. Gamers need to enter the room through the gate, and then gamers are required to speak to the terminal located on the left side to attain the Creative Code; 4807-6308-0603.

Afterwards, gamers need to head to Gate B, and there, they need to insert 857 in the required section. Once they have successfully inserted the code, the gate will be opened by itself. Now, gamers need to enter into that room through gate B and then on the left side; they will find the Creative Code; 4195-8908-3770. Players now require to proceed towards Gate C, and there, they need to enter 246 in the required section. Once the gate is opened, then they need to access the room. Inside the room, they will find the Creative Code written over the shelf; 9687-5931-2681.

Now, gamers have successfully unlocked all the three gates; A, B and C. However, there is one more gate that needs to be opened, and it is the Gate to the Bridge. The following gate lies near the portals, and once gamers successfully manage to reach there, then they have to insert 3847 into the required section. After this, players need to access the Bridge to accomplish the Creative Hub.

Fortnite Season 3 can be played on Xbox Series XXbox OnePS5PS4iOSNintendo Switch, and PC.


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