What are the common problems that affect your chiller unit?

A chiller unit is a device that controls the temperature by circulating a liquid or heat medium. It is crucial to ensure proper repair and maintenance of the device, or the common chiller problems can impact its working over time. But, in order to do that, you should be familiar with the common issues that are responsible for hindering its performance. So, to help you out, we have enlisted some of the common chiller problems in this article. Have a glance!

Troubleshooting common chiller problems

High-Pressure Discharge-

In water-chillers, high-pressure discharge is a common issue caused because of poor-quality water. It commonly occurs in places where water is collected in open cooling towers. Because of this, what happens is that minerals and dust are sucked from the air and sent to the condenser water loop. Afterwards, the dust flows around the system and clogs pipes. It insulates the inner surface of the chiller unit condenser and prevents the transfer of the rated thermal energy.

Collection of Dust-

When the external surface of the chiller unit gets covered in dust, over time, the condenser also gets dirty. So, if the tubes and fins are not regularly cleaned, they may clog pipes. This can insulate the inner condenser of the chiller that can block the transfer of thermal energy.

Low-Pressure Discharge-

Another common problem that may degrade the functioning of your chiller is low-pressure discharge. It can be a result of several reasons like partial closure of suction pipes, undercharged refrigerant, low ambient air temperature, or dirty and obstructed evaporator. If you suspect any of these problems affecting your chiller’s performance, you should take immediate steps to fix them.

Corrosion of Chiller-

Corrosion basically refers to a natural process that leads to the gradual destruction of materials due to coming into contact with the environment. Most of the tubes in your chiller unit are made from copper and transferring poor-quality water leads to their corrosion.

Power Issues-

If your chiller is not powering up, you may want to contact your maintenance guy. However, you may want to check your phasing connection, line voltage, and fuse before you do that. It is so because usually, an issue or error with one of these is responsible for the power issues with the chiller.

Low Suction Pressure-

The problem with low suction pressure can be a result of the issues with your safety valve. Your chiller might have a blocked expansion valve, or there can be a reduced flow in the evaporator. If that is not the case, then you should also have a look at your filter drier and strainer. If these parts are obstructed because of dirt or dust, you should clean them. Another plausible reason for low suction pressure is low condenser water temperature. You should check that too.

So, these are the common problems that can affect the performance of your chiller unit.

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