What are the different causes of Liver Diseases?

The liver is a vital organ that performs a range of functions, including the digestion of food and the production of proteins, hormones, and enzymes that help the body function normally. If something goes wrong with the liver, it can cause a range of symptoms and disorders, including fatigue, yellowing of the skin and eyes, and itching, which can be confused with jaundice.

The liver is also the organ most commonly affected by liver disease, a group of diseases affecting the liver. The most common types of liver disease are hepatitis and cirrhosis. So liver disease treatment in White Plains, New York, helps to treat the damaged liver and provide you relief.

However, it is necessary to know the various causes that generally cause the need for liver disease treatment in White Plains, New York. Below mentioned are the 5 causes:



Hepatitis can harm your liver, making it challenging for your liver to work appropriately. Viral hepatitis is characterized as an inflammation of the liver. Whenever an infection brings about this inflammation, it is called viral hepatitis.

Most kinds of viral hepatitis are infectious, yet you can decrease your risk by receiving any available immunization shots against types A and B. This helps in avoiding potential risks, including utilizing a condom—plastic during sex.

Problems with your immune system

When the immune system mistakenly goes after your liver, it can cause autoimmune system liver sickness. These incorporate essential cholangitis and immune system hepatitis.

Hereditary illnesses

Some liver issues arise because of inherited disease (a sickness you inherit from your parents). Genetic liver sicknesses can include Wilson’s illness and hemoglobinopathy.

Fatty liver disease

When fat accumulates in the liver, it can lead to fatty liver diseases. There are two kinds of fatty liver diseases. The two sorts can happen separately or together:

Alcoholic fatty liver disease: Alcoholic fatty liver infection is brought about by extreme liquor drinking.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Nonalcoholic fatty liver sickness is brought about by different factors which are still not discovered yet. Without liver disease treatment in New York, the two kinds of fatty liver infection can cause liver harm, prompting cirrhosis and liver disappointment.

To wrap it up:

The liver is the only organ of the body that is part of the excretory system that does not have a direct excretory function. Reducing the occurrence of liver disease can be challenging. It can be successfully addressed through the use of liver disease treatment in New York, healthy lifestyle changes, and dietary changes.

However, new medication options have been discovered that not only allow these to be more effective but are also easier to take and have fewer side effects than traditional medications.

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