What are the Different Front-End Frameworks Required According to a Full Stack Developer Course?


What is a front-end framework?

Front-end frameworks, also known by the term “CSS Frameworks” are packages which comprise of pre-written standardized code in files and folders. A full stack developer course covers these packages in extensive detail. These frameworks give developers a foundation to develop web and mobile applications even though it allows changes and adaptability to the finishing design of the application. A full stack- developer course would cover them in detail as they are an integral part of such applications.

The 3 Front –end Frameworks commonly used in applications?

One would observe that there are a few trending ones amongst several front-end frameworks. That’s the reason they find their place in a full stack developer course. So, here is an outline of 3 of the most trending front-end frameworks.

  1. Angular Framework

The first Front –end Framework i.e Angular is a framework that develops client applications in HTML and JavaScript / TypeScript. Moreover, It brings together declarative templates, dependency injection, end-to-end tooling, and assimilated best practices to solve development challenges. Hence, Angular is always included in a full stack developer course.

  1. React

The second front-end framework, React is primarily a JavaScript library to develop interactive user interfaces. It is totally component-based so developers can build compressed components that control their own state, and then organize them to make complex UIs. In addition to that, they also can build powerful single-page applications with React as well as complex web applications with Redux. These are also extensively covered in a full stack Java course.

  1. js

The third front-end framework that is the Vue framework is the perfect choice for smaller-sized projects. Besides that, it is very simple to learn thus students discover that the framework brings them results quicker than the usual duration.  Apart from that, in 2018, Vue evolved rapidly from a total of 78k stars on Github to 120k stars. That’s why there is a constant demand for students who are proficient in this framework after a full stack developer course.


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