What Are the Different Responsibilities of a Dentist?

Dentists are the people who care for your teeth and help to maintain good oral health. Many specialties exist within this field, but they have different responsibilities. To know more about the different duties of a dentist in Valencia, CA, continue reading this article.

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Responsibilities of a Dentist

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a dentist are as follows:

  • Dentists can help their patients protect, restore and maintain their oral health of people.

  • They diagnose and treat diseases and provide care to injuries, deformed teeth, oral tissues, and mouth.

  • Dentists in Saugus also check the head and neck areas of patients to relate to oral health.

  • The job duties of a dentist include restoring and replacing teeth that have been damaged due to a disease or an injury.

  • They advise patients on the best oral health care to prevent problems in the future.

  • The dentist also teaches their patients how to floss, brush their teeth and choose an appropriate diet.

  • Other works include applying sealants to teeth, extracting teeth, taking molds of teeth, and performing cosmetic dental procedures to enhance a patient’s appearance.

  • Dentists employ multiple procedures and equipment to prevent and treat oral problems. Advanced technologies are used to examine the teeth and the mouth of patients.

  • Some of them include X-rays and images generated by computers to fill cavities and remove tooth decay using drills, forceps, and brushes.

Specialty Areas

Though most of the dentists in Saugus practice general dentistry, some of them choose to do additional training to work in one of the nine specialties. Some of those specialists are orthodontists, periodontitis, maxillofacial surgeons, pediatric dentists, prosthodontists, and many more.

Other Common Works

Other than taking care of a patient, the duties of a dentist might include business-oriented and administrative tasks such as rowing or running a dental clinic. For instance, you may even interact with suppliers and vendors.

Depending on the practice, some might also do bookkeeping and managing personnel, including hiring, training, and supervising hygienists. They may also train receptionists and dental staff as part of the work.

Education and Licensing Needs

To become a dentist, you may need to earn a Bachelor’s degree, but a certain major will not be needed. But you will need some specific courses such as biology, chemistry, physical and organic chemistry. You also need to complete four years of dental school, and if you want to enter a specialty, you need to complete more training by entering a one to two-year residency.

Every dentist in the U, S. needs to be licensed. After graduating from a reputed dental school, they also need to pass practical and written exams. If you require to go to a specific dental field, some states need you to earn a specialty certificate or license.

Final Words

If you need to check your teeth or have some problems, you can visit a reputed dentist in Valencia, CA. Depending on their expertise, they will be able to solve different problems in your teeth and may prescribe medications for that.

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