What are the different types of Grinding Wheels?

A grinding wheel is a wheel that is composed of an abrasive compound. It is generally used for many abrasive and grinding operations. These internal grinding wheels are used in grinding machines.

There are many different types of internal grinding wheels are available, let us check them out:

Cylindrical and flat grinding wheels:

These types of flat wheels are made of untreated or treated steels, these wheels can be joined with a synthetic or vitrified resin binder.

Grinding wheels with sintered ceramic grain:

These types of internal grinding wheels are joined with the abrasive ceramic sintered steels of the treated, to accelerate the steels, the abrasive can increase the cutting performance of the grinding wheel while reducing the cutting force of the machine. It can be bonded with a synthetic resin or vitrified binder.

Centerless grinding wheels:

Centerless grinding wheels for grinding in a row or diving, especially for mass production. These grinding wheels can be bonded with a synthetic or vitrified resin binder.

Grinding wheels by rolling cylinders:

Rolling mills for hot or cold trains, but also for rolling paper mills. These CBN grinding wheels 1300 are used both source sheets of steel, hardened steels, high-speed steels, and other high alloy steels. Usually, these wheels are bonded with a resin bond, but also after the vitrified binder material.

Internal grinding wheels:

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels mainly by internal steel grinding, these grinding wheels are usually bonded with vitrification, but occasionally with resin bonding.

Hypodermic Needle Grinding Wheels:

These Grinding wheels or hypodermic needles for medical, stainless steel. These wheels are always bonded with a resin bond.

Two-stories grinding wheels:

Double-faces rectification grinding wheels are dipped or row double-sided grinding wheels depending on the application. This method is mainly used for mass production of repeating the same thickness of machined parts.

These wheels are generally bonded with a resin binder, but can also be made with vitrification.

Hot Pressed Deburring Wheels:

Mainly these types of grinding wheels are used at high speed around 80 million / S, and the pressure applied to the grinding wheel of the upper ton.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels:

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are designed for dry or wet precision grinding applications on the toughest materials. With these types of wheels, you will get high material removal rates, longer life of the wheel, and superior forms holding.

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