What Are The Different Types of Locks Available for Application

Security locks are very important to ensure security in different places. These systems are not only useful in homes or shops, but are also essential for the operation of different types of machines, such as safes, shopping carts, lockers, etc. Depending on the device or they will be used, different types of locks will be required. In the following article, we explain the different existing types. Door locks can play a key role in furthering this tenancy by deterring potential intruders, while helping to maintain privacy.

But there is a wide variety of locks on the market. Understanding the main differences between them is key to choosing the best one for your establishment. When choosing the right security lock, the most important thing is to identify the specific need of the device or the location where it will be implemented. A door requires a different type of lock than a safe.

It is also Important to keep in mind the material with which it is made. Almost all locks today are made in different steels that include stainless, galvanised, and solid, but you can also find them in iron or nickel.

There are different types of locks on the market, each with specific characteristics. These are:

Yale Cylindrical Lockset

These are the most common and derive their name from the cylindrical structure of the Central part with a pear-shaped body. This type of lock is available in different versions, such as high-security locks with anti-shock, anti-extracting, anti-drilling and anti-picking cylinders, to meet different needs.

Mortise Door Lock

Mortise door lock have a device in the handle that serves to open from the inside, which causes the bolt to move. Traditionally, they have been installed on the doors of bathrooms and interior homes to separate one area from another and be able to be opened from the inside.

Rim Locks

They are usually installed on stuff doors. That is why they are used in terraces and garden access doors. Their mechanism is exposed on one side.

Bored Cylinder Locks

In these types of locks, the door handle and the lock are combined in a single mechanism. They are usually installed in places or areas of a home that serve the same purpose as mortise locks. The difference is that they can be locked or unlocked from the inside by pressing a button. They are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms or offices that you want to lock from the inside.

Multipoint Locks

This type of lock is the most common in main house access doors due to its high level of protection. Their characteristic maine is that they have several bolts in the centre, as well as at the top and bottom of the door. These locks are activated by a single internal system Which locks them at the same time. They are highly secure and, of course, the most difficult to break into.

Electronic or Digital Locks

These door locks are similar to those found in hotels and are available in different types and models: activated by alpha-numeric code, fingerprint, mobile phone and app, Bluetooth and others. This type is also known as a Smart lock.

In order to choose the best security lock, you will need to consider the quality of the materials with which they are made. You can choose iron, nickel or stainless steel locks. In addition to the hardware, you should choose a security lock that is equipped with additional shock protection. Knocking is one of the most used Techniques today to force a lock open and you must ensure that you are doing everything to be protected from these attacks.

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