What Are The Different Types of Signs in Los Angeles?

Pylon Signs

Do you feel that the essence of your business is being lost among the rush? Well, then you need to implement strategies that can play an important role in increasing your business. The LED Signs in Orange county have often been one of the most adopted ways for improving brand recognition. If you are on the same lines, then you’re doing it right. However, it becomes extremely essential to determine what are the different types of Pole Signs in Orange County.

As stated, there are different types of pole signs in Orange county that can cater to the needs of your business. These signs are often differentiated depending on the brand image, marketing strategy and the mounting style. The type that you choose will strongly influence your strategy. Hence, you need to proceed the right way.

Here are some of the common types of pylon signs that can suit your business needs.

Single-pole mount

These are one of the most common types of pylon signs. The single-pole mounts are affordable and monolithic. Owing to its appearance, these can create your message loud and clear.

The single pole mounts work in the same manner as they sound. The metal pole moves to the top and on the board, a message is displayed. The  Box Signs in Orange County will have messages displayed on either of the sides. However, it completely depends on you whether you want the message to be illuminated or unlit.

Covered-pole mount

If you don’t want the metal part of the pole signs in Orange county to be exposed then a covered-pole mount is one of the best ones to adopt. The covered pole mounts add to the tinge of creativity to the main part that supports the pole design. Furthermore, you can design the mortar and brick accordingly. The covered pole mounts are essentially customized to suit business requirements and can cater to your brand image as well.

Twin pole mount

As the name suggests, twin poles are the pylon signs that have two pole mounts. These appear the same as single pole mount signs. However, the only difference is the fact that these have two mounts instead of one.

The inclusion of two pole mounts add to the stability and cater to the design. This is mostly because of the two poles. Furthermore, these are extremely flexible and durable and can last for a long time. If your business needs to display larger signs, you might as well use twin pole mounts.

Customized lightbox signs

The light Box Signs in Orange County help to enhance the visibility of your business. These types of signs may have multiple or single lighting. The customized lightbox signs are mostly used for retail brands at shopping centers or plazas.

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