What are the diseases that Ayurvedic Medicine can tackle?

Being the world’s oldest medicine system, Ayurveda has now become the first choice of treatment for a lot of people, as there are little to no side effects linked to it. While Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit, the treatment through Ayurvedic Medicine is usually problem specific.

Generally, Ayurvedic treatments include herbs, medicinal plants, oils and common spices and their mixture to create a specific formulation to treat a particular problem. There are many Ayurvedic medicine benefits like treating the disease while maintaining the overall health and also treats the disease from its roots.

Among all those benefits, there is only one disadvantage of Ayurvedic medicine, that is, it works and give results in not that fast as compared to Western medicines.

Ayurveda mainly heals energy dysfunctions which generally lead to physical problems that are diagnosed by the western medicine systems.

Ayurveda has covered almost all sphere of health and disease and provides effective treatment of a no. of diseases like Gastrointestinal, Respiratory, joint, Cardiac, Women`s fertility issues, kidney problems, skin, etc.

The biggest difference between Western and Ayurvedic Medicine is that Western one comes into picture only after the disease is diagnosed whereas, Ayurvedic ones recognize the illness’s process, way before the symptoms of the disease are visible.

One of the most common yet a complicated health issue is Diabetes, as it can lead to serious health problems. And there are some very effective Ayurvedic Medicines for diabetes, which helps control blood sugar level of the body. These medicines usually contains herbs like Shilajit, turmeric, neem, Amalaki, Triphala and fenugreek.

Ayurveda also provides successful treatment for cough and cold as well. Unlike Western medicines that cause drowsiness, Ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold includes herbs like Tulsi, Yastimadhu, Ginger, honey, etc.

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