What are the dos and don’ts before visiting and meeting a gynecologist?

Visiting a gynecologist is very much needed. It is also essential to know the do’s and don’ts. You wouldn’t want to fool yourself by doing something you shouldn’t. Among hospitals, try out SCI IVF Hospital, as they have the best gynecologist in Delhi NCR. They have the most excellent infertility and IVF specialists in Delhi. They also provide the most comprehensive and reasonably priced IVF packages of any clinic in the country.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Remember these do’s and don’ts while you are on your next appointment. Be prepared with questions and concerns.


  • Find a gynecologist you are comfortable with: If you cannot mesh well with your gynecologist, it’s time to find a new one. Find the best gynaecologist in Delhi NCRfor yourself. The greater the comfort, the more you can talk about your problems.
  • Keeping track of your monthly cycles: With our busy schedule, keeping track of our menstruation cycle is challenging. However, it is essential to track any irregularities. You can use the apps built to keep track of your monthly cycles. Or keep a calendar on your bedside table and mark it on it. This way, it is easier to address your concerns with the top gynaecologist in Delhi NCR.
  • Prepare your questions beforehand: Anytime some gynecological problem occurs, you should note them down. Save them on your phone for better access. This way, you can address all your concerns. It can be related to menstruation, intercourse, contraception, vaginal discharge or general reproductive health.
  • Know your medical history: It is essential to know about the conditions existing in your family. Some conditions, like cancer in the breast and cervix, are hereditary. So you can inform your gynecologist, and they will treat you that way.
  • Do relax: This is just a stigma that visiting gynecologists is stressful. Especially if you are pregnant, stress is not at all good. Take some deep breaths while you’re waiting for your doctor. You will not be forced to do anything you don’t want to. So relax your mind and visit the doctor. Get the top gynaecologist in Delhi to get the best treatment.


  • Don’t lie about health information: Don’t be afraid or ashamed to share any part of your health information. They deal with many patients so that they won’t judge you. In the long run, misinformation can cost you a lot. You may have an addiction, and don’t tell about it. Then the doctor prescribes you some harmful medication. Also, don’t be afraid to share about your sexual health. Untreated sexual diseases cause infertility issues.
  • Don’t participate in any intercourse the night before your appointment: The effects of intercourse will disrupt the results of a Pap smear. It is also very uncomfortable for the gynaecologist to test your vaginal parts.
  • Don’t use yeast medications, spermicides, or douches 24 hours in advance: Any unusual substance in your body makes the work of a doctor difficult. Douching is not even meant for women. If you douche, you send the bacteria into your uterus. It is very harmful. Therefore, be careful and prioritize your health.


If you cooperate, it makes the job of the doctor easier. Don’t be distracted during the appointment, as it is time to discuss all your concerns. Also, do not ask the internet about your problems. It’s better to ask your doctor and get accurate answers.

It is also preferable not to change gynecologists after your third trimester. However, if you are not comfortable, you can indeed change. One such doctor is Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour is the best IVF specialist doctor in Delhi. She will answer all your questions patiently and treat you with great care.

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