What are the effects of the New Legion Commander Raid?

The Lost Ark has updated the main Ravenous Legion Commander raid. In this update, some changes also bring some immediate changes in metadata, especially for PVE players, players can pay attention to their changes to better enjoy the game.

Every update of lost Ark brings new challenges and surprises for players, and this time is no exception. Players see changes in Vykas, as well as access to clothing items. Gather enough materials and Gold Lost Ark to upgrade gear for best results.

Changes in PVE Meta

Valtan is widely regarded as extremely difficult due to its lack of mobility, among other factors, compared to other Legion Commanders, Valtan often stays in one position for long periods, allowing the player to consistently pour DPS onto him while he is still in the game. There will be no major disruption. As a result, classes that deal damage consistently are rated higher than burst DPS classes, which have downtime between their damage cycles.

With the Legion Commander Raid update, starting with Vykas, there are massive changes, with bosses that will be more mobile, with longer, more powerful attack patterns and a smaller window of opportunity. So a character who can dump a lot of damage in those rare windows is a better value than a character with a more spread-out DPS. You can expect classes like Striker and Soul Fist to soar to A+ grades, and classes like Gunner and War Dancer to dive.

Full access to relic gear

The new Legion Commander Raid includes Vykas of the Greedy Legion. Clearing Vykas allows the player to craft the other half of the Relic level gear that was originally introduced with Valtan. Three weeks after beating Vykas, players will have enough materials to craft all six pieces of the Relic Set, as well as unlock set effects that significantly alter the playstyle and power levels of certain classes. This is the real beginning of the Lost Ark final game.

Assisting Alt Characters

Finally, Smilegate did not enable honing enhancements until 1415. This is a huge update, as players can level up their alts to take part in Valtan raids; each raid provides a surprising amount of Gold. With these Lost Ark Golds, players can purchase relic-level accessories and set up engravings for their trumpets without destroying their protagonists.

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