What Are The Elements And Definitions Of Competency-Based Assessments?

Competency assessment is a continuous process in which knowledge and skills are continuously built. Competency can be defined as the ability to carry on tasks and roles in an occupational category that is in accordance with the standards set by employers and larger communities. The Framework for Engineers delineates professional disciplines, which must be formulated to ensure public safety and practice. This is particularly important in today’s increasingly dynamic world. Being able to understand current capabilities and develop new ones is important to stay ahead of the curve. But it is not just new skills that need to be developed. Competency levels can be used to define different stages of efficiency. It is useful for individuals as they progress through a career from novice to expert. For companies, competency assessment can provide a great basis for a succession planning process.

Advantages of Competency-Based Assessment

There are various procedures for viewing and measuring candidate traits, motivation, ability, knowledge base and skill level. This defines their competencies in the market.

The CBA allows candidates to gain market advantage over their peers. The benefits of the CBA system are:

  • Performing quantitative analysis for candidates using specific measurement techniques. This technology is an integrated form of the current APEGS experience.
  • Provision of a clear description and definition of the measurement instrument to analyze a candidate’s preparation for obtaining a license.
  • Transparent, objectionable and continuous analysis of the candidates allows them to gain trust with evaluators, employers as well and are validated in the experience review committee.

These do not change the engineering experience of the candidates but it is elevated by us.

34 competencies have been assigned for APEGS. These are nothing but hierarchical groups of skills and competencies. There are 7 categories, representing the required areas in which engineers from all fields should show impeccable expertise. Each competency category in turn consists of other important competencies; you can consider these as sub-qualifications. The categories are given below:

The Competition Framework consists of seven qualification categories, which are a set of competencies or skills.

1- Project and financial management                                                    [5 competencies]

2- Technical competence                                                                           [10 competencies]

3- Team effectiveness                                                                                [2 competencies]

4- Professional accountability                                                                  [6 competencies]

5- Communication                                                                                      [3 competencies]

6- Personal continuous professional development (CPD)                    [3 competencies]

7- Social, economic, environmental and sustainability                        [5 competencies]

These categories define the areas of work that guarantee the public and private safety of professional engineers. Each competency category in that area requires core competencies. The retail documentation of the competition evaluation guide is given below.

The Competency Rating Scale is used to determine the achievement level of candidates from 0–5. It is the responsibility of the candidates to address each of the competencies. A candidate is required to attain at least a 2 to 3 rating level for admission to the ‘practice’ category.

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