What are the exciting features of MG Hector ?

MG Hector has made an unwavering effort to create a difference in the SUV market being the currently reigning king. MG Hector performed well in terms of sales for the year 2022, which have been consistently around 3000 units per state per month since debut and have been hovering around the 10,000 mark since inception.

Now, let us explore how MG Hector performs as a vehicle and if it is desirable to purchase one if one has the means to do so. As we proceed, we will also briefly discuss the features in order to analyze the vehicle, the producer, and other factors.To know more about the advanced technology of MG Hector, contact the Authorized PPS MG Showroom in Hyderabad for sales inquiries and to get a distinctive automotive experience.

MG Hector – The Boss of SUV’s

Since the car’s debut, it has been the subject of numerous discussions. By now, we have seen all of these comments on social media and in the press, indicating that people have already begun to perceive cars in several dimensions.

The automobile MG Hector itself is a work of art, something that we have not seen in a very long time since the sturdy European cars India saw in the early and middle 2000s. It is also enormous (perhaps due to offering a 7-seater in the guise of a 5-seater). It is undeniably attractive, and even after years, it has maintained its position on the road. When driven, it would undoubtedly force people to yield. Due to its large body and narrow DRLs, which place it in the same category as the Fortuner, it frequently has a good appearance and road presence.


The car’s 2000 cc engine, which is superbly made, makes clear how powerful it is. However, alsofor typical cruising at high speeds, the engine is perfect. If the engine is cranked hard and beyond 3500 rpm, it still maintains the ride quality without being harsh and noisy. The heavyweight body is easily transported by the engine without any fuss.


The diesel manual version, has a staggering 170 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. This entails excellent low speed drivability. Whether it is daily commute to work and city driving or long family trips, MG Hector makes sure to add to your convenience and comfort.

Why is MG Hector so Popular?

The main reason why MG Hector has become so well-known throughout the years is due to its technological gimmicks. Because of the cutting-edge features it offers, MG is selling in absurd quantities. People are frequently motivated to purchase a new car because they are ecstatic about new products that enter the market. In this case, MG Hector and MG Motors always delivers.

The MG Hector is an internet-connected vehicle that lets you use a phone app to start a vehicle. It has fold back a sunroof, adjust air conditioning settings, etc. The handbook will cover all the features that may be operated in this manner and may also include additional things that can be done. On the other hand, it does include many features like below which you would anticipate in a vehicle of that price tag.

Cruise control

Leatherette seats

Connected car features

Panoramic sunroof which is one of the best

A large entertainment system with a resistive screen& enough apps to keep you interested

Powered driver and passenger seats, which enable the user to select a comfortable seating position

8 speaker infinity system which has a better sound signature – The woofer in hector handles the bass very well and it does not sound so much disconnected from the rest of the sound elements like mid ranges, or treble notes. It definitely provides a closed theatre style setting.

Remote boot lid opener

Mood lighting

Electric foldable and heated OVRMs

LED DRLs, headlamps and fog lamps which are just wow in terms of lighting the road up during the night

17-inch alloys

Humongous boot – one can camp in there!

AI-Powered Voice Assist

Voice Assist is MG Hector’s most alluring connectivity feature. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that Hector responds appropriately by synchronizing with the Indian accents. Activate Hector’s voice assistant by saying “Hello MG.” It is capable of more than 100 tasks, such as opening and closing the windows and sunroof, as well as controlling the navigation and climate control systems. According to MG, poor connectivity is not a problem for assistance.

iSmart Telematics Smartphone App

Owners of the Hector can get real-time data on their smartphones thanks to the next-generation technology app from MG iSmart and connected car technology. The function allows for geo-fencing, tyre pressure monitoring, and location tracking for the SUV. The app provides access to lock/unlock the doors, turn on the ignition, and start the air conditioning. Owners may make an SUV service appointment and view the service history of their vehicles using the app.

Over-the-air Updates and 5G Capability

The Hector is equipped with an M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM card that connects to the SUV’s Internet Protocol Version 6 interface (IPv6). With the help of Airtel’s telecom network and Cisco’s IoT (Internet of Things) Connectivity Management platform Jasper, the telematics suite is able to enable 5G technology. This completely enables 5G connectivity to be used as soon as the owners buy the car.

When new software updates are made available, the MG Hector effortlessly downloads them via Over-The-Air (OTA) whenever they are made accessible. This makes it possible for customers to get entertainment material, live software updates, and app updates. Additionally, this increases the likelihood that Hector’s Internet access will be similar to that of a smartphone.

Is MG Hector good for long drive?

Because of the 17-inch alloy wheels and superb suspension, the Hector provides a supple ride and shields its occupants from all road jolts. On the interstate, you can unleash the beast thanks to the power and torque. On city streets also the car handles remarkably well and maintains its composure at lesser speeds. The vast leg room between the back seat and the front seat makes up for the rear seat thigh support so that 3 passengers in the rear can be seated with utmost comfort.


There have been numerous stories about Hector’s mileage. However, the diesel manual vehicle manages a respectable 9 kmpl in extremely heavy traffic, and it may reach 14 kmpl on highways. For a 2000cc, 170bhp vehicle, this is satisfactory.

Cost & Warranty

Hectors often sell for between 15 and 22 Lakhs ex-showroom price in India, and at that price it is unquestionably a fantastic buy in that market. There aren’t many significant rivals for this car in that price range. And no, Seltos isn’t a competition because its 1.5 115bhp engine isn’t powerful enough to compete against a 2000cc 170bhp monster. The only accurate comparison would be with the Tata Harrier, which is likewise a fantastic car but has proportions that are inexplicably out of proportion to the Hector.

Next, let’s talk about warranties and peace of mind. Hector currently has coverage for five years* and unlimited miles*. So, presumably, any defective parts will be replaced without costing you* a fortune. Generally speaking, MG upholds warranty conditions as they wish to maintain a positive brand reputation with consumers.


MG always manages to create a powerful technological point that engages clients with the brand. The pricing of this high-tech model starts from Rs. 14.4 Lakhs*(ex-showroom price in India). Purchase MG Hector with PPS MG dealers in Hyderabad for the best price and enjoy a smooth driving experience. To learn more about the technical specifications or features of the MG Hector, schedule a test drive online or stop by PPS MG Showroom in Hyderabad.


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