What Are the Features that Define the Modern Kitchens of Today?

With clean and sleek lines, integrated appliances, and a minimum colour scheme, the modern kitchen in Vancouver is elegant, chic and slicker than grease. The days are gone when comfortable fabrics, homely ornaments and country-style cabinets used to comprise a kitchen.

Updating the look and style of a kitchen can be simple, affordable, and easy to master. Many features define the modern kitchens of today.

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Features that Make a Modern Kitchen

The features of a modern kitchen are as follows:

  • Geometry

Geometrical designs such as angles, circles, squares, curves, diamonds, globes, boxes and triangles are important to a modern kitchen design in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter if you want to exhibit the designs on furnishings, lighting fixtures, or windows.

  • Industrial

Though there is still a place for cosy and homely kitchens, the industrial look is gaining much attention. The easiest way to express this look is via stainless steel appliances, and they are an added benefit that is mostly of high quality and has a better lifespan.

Stainless steel stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and vent hoods are widely available and can work well in updating your kitchen to a modern one.

  • Sleek

Clean lines with brushed nickel, stainless steel and chrome finishes constitute a sleek kitchen. This minimum look can reflect on all the last details, such as keeping away from knobs on cabinet doors and opting for simple handles.

Any new furniture that you introduced as part of a modern kitchen design in Vancouver needs to be clean, sleek and contemporary. Fuss-free style or clean-cut leather chairs are also ideal in this case.

  • Colour

Though peachy shades of green, yellow and pink can make your kitchen look warm, you should not choose candy colours. The new look of a kitchen should be all about bold and stark colours.

But this does not indicate that you need to slather your walls in purple; a pure white can also help complement the sleek and minimalistic look properly. It also gives a crisp or clean look that never goes out of fashion.

  • Inspired by nature

Once there was a big difference between the indoors and outdoors, but today we see a trend of creating an extended living space that will combine the indoors and outdoors. Though it is not suggested that you plant a tree in your kitchen, you need to add the little flourishes of nature into your decoration wherever possible.

When you add plants to your kitchen, it can extend choosing natural materials where it is possible. Wooden cabinets and stripped wooden flooring are impressive ways of getting a contemporary look for your kitchen.

Final Words

If you are looking to rebuild or remodel your kitchen, a modern kitchen in Vancouver can be a great option for you. You can contact a professional home decorator to know what type of kitchen can suit your house.

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