What are the Games Sony Announced with PlayStation 5

Everyone who is related to technology and gaming knows that Sony has revealed their upcoming product the future of gaming PlayStation 5. Along with the launch, Sony has revealed a lot of unexpected things, but people are really happy to see those things. The new design of PlayStation 5 is completely new and eye-catchy. The white and black color of the body with some blue light makes the device even more attractive.

Companies and gamers were waiting for this reveal, and now the show off has ended, Sony also has revealed those games that will be released with the console. Hopefully, all those games that Sony revealed are going to be awesome. The highest performance console with the newest sequels of games is a pretty exciting thing. So here is the list of games that Sony revealed.

In the reveal, Sony was focusing on both things where console and games both are included. The excitement for consoles and games was higher because games like Spider-Man, which is Spider-Man: Miles Morales was also part of the show. In the trailer of the game, Peter Parker was in a starring role. The game Horizon Forbidden West and sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn will also come into PS5. The trailer of Forbidden West didn’t reveal any release date yet, and on the other hand, Miles Morales will launch on Holiday 2020 when the console will arrive.

An old franchise named Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is also revived by Sony. In the show, the gameplay was also revealed, which was surely looking amazing. With the fast-loading, it has been revealing the performance. The presentation did not include any look of 4K and 60-120FPS of gameplay, which was the expectation of many.

There were few expected editions of games Gran Turismo 7 and also NBA 2k21 also revealed, and both games look fabulous. Godfall was also included in the show that recently showed the gameplay footage for PS5, and this version of the game looks darker than expected. Another entry of the game happening in PS5 is Oddworld: Soulstorm, which is a stalwart franchise of PlayStation.

Some games are adding sequels, which are mechanics: namely, Demon Souls, New IP Returnal, and more classic games are coming out. Most of these games don’t have any gameplay yet, but this game looks dope.

Some releasing games are more like cartoonist style games in which Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Solar Ash is included. Both of these games have amazing graphics in animation, so these look like an animation movie rather than an animation game.

Horror games are also on the list, and these games are Resident Evil 8, Silent Hill, Ghostwire: Tokyo. There are more games on the way to release, and these will play a major part in the PS5 road to grow. However, all the games that have been announced are just a small list. After the console release, many gaming companies will release games. Some games have revealed the gameplay, and some games don’t even release the launch date. There will be more information regarding this come out soon as the company will reveal something more.

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