What Are The Health Risks Of Having Dirty Carpets?


Did you know carpet may hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch? That is about 4000 times more than your toilet! Experts recommend that hiring professional carpet cleaners is smart to get effective cleaning and avoid health risks. Not only do the professional cleaners will help shine your carpet and make it new, but they also help prevent your carpet from spending bacteria and allergens. The carpets that are not cleaned regularly and professionally, the carpet that is kept dirty spread the harmful air inside the homes. This slowly starts with skin allergies and ends up with breathing issues. This will especially be a big issue for people who have asthma and other respiratory problems. Also, evenly, those dirty carpets end up spoiled, and damage leads to replacement. By hiring professionals for carpet cleaning in Campbelltown regularly, you can avoid those health hazards and can retain that new look, feel and smell ofa new carpet for longer.

The Dangers of Dirty Carpets

Your pet’s urine, spilled food, day and night walk upon the carpet often make the carpets dirty. With such dirty nasty, disgusting carpets that spread all over the floors of your homes, you won’t just feel the bad carpet smell, but so on many kinds of allergens. And, it became a source of air pollutants that are negatively affecting your indoor air quality.

Did you know?

– Approximately 70% of people admitted that to cover up stains on their carpet, they move furniture over them instead of cleaning them up.

– About 75% of people have admitted to wearing their outdoor shoes in the house and walking on the carpet.

– Nearly 90% of people have admitted to dropping food on the carpet and then eating it.

Keeping your carpets clean is important for many reasons; especially, if you have kids, pets, or people with respiratory issues. Here, let see the risk of having dirty carpets.

Health Hazards Of With Dirty Carpet

Carpets will give a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation, but in the absence of hiring professionals for carpet cleaning services in Campbelltown, they can also act as a harbour for allergies, dust, bacteria, and other pollutants that will cause health problems, and affect indoor air quality. The carpets without professional maintenances engage more dust through their hand-to-mouth behaviour, breathing in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Ingestion of carpet (micro) fibres and toxic chemicals through skin contact.

Some of the health issues associate with dirty carpet are,

1.Mental Anguish

2.Stomach Illness

3.Pet Germs

4.Weakened Immune System

5.Skin Irritation


7.Respiratory Issues

The Bottom line

Carpets might feel cosy and soft, but if you didn’t clean them regularly with a professional carpet cleaner in Campbelltown, it becomes as worst possible flooring options for your home. The dirty carpet, a home for all types of bacteria and allergens, will thrive and spread to all parts of the home. Consider cleaning your carpet, and breathe the health air.

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