What are the highest paying career options in engineering?

The engineering field is ever-growing. The area makes use of talented engineers so that they can apply fundamentals related to science, mathematics, technology, and social methodologies, thereby designing, developing, constructing, operating structures, devices, systems, and methods. If you are talented, then you are bound to get a job after you pass out of college. Competition in the field of engineering is quite competitive. Moreover, students passing out of college and gaining work experience is preferred more than those who are less qualified.


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  1. Petroleum engineers: A petroleum engineer is responsible for recognizing the most effective and beneficial means of deriving oil and gas from rock compositions far below the earth. At the same time, they outline and cultivate means to utilize water, chemicals, gases, and steam to compel out of reserves, conduct research, advance drill plans, and assures convenient maintenance and performance of oil and gas eradication equipment. Petroleum engineers are also responsible for developing methods of associating oil and gas deposits to the latest or ancient wells. A petroleum engineer is expected to finish his bachelors and then masters (if he desires to) in petroleum engineering. At the same time, he must also gain exposure in the field of petroleum engineering, thereby receiving a work experience certificate to make an entry into the area. A petroleum engineer can earn up to $114,080 to $166400 on a yearly basis.

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  1. Software engineers: A software engineer is responsible for moulding computer science, mathematics, and engineering to outline, advance, test, and maintain software systems. After concentrating on the needs of the users, the software engineers go ahead and write computer programs. Most software engineers are associated with one another so that they can secure, install, or develop advanced computer systems. Moreover, they have the capability of dealing with different functional, security, or performance issues with the software, computer systems, and centralized network of computers.


Software engineers are expected to gain a bachelors in subjects like computer science, software, mathematics, and engineering. Apart from this, they have to work with computer systems and applications before getting a work experience certificate. After this, they are highly demanded in the market, and their demand never ends until they retire. Moreover, a software engineer must continue with his education throughout his career. A software engineer earns up to $87,900 to $94,520 on a yearly basis.


  1. Chemical engineers: Chemical engineers are responsible for conducting research, designing, and troubleshooting the equipment and manufacturing methods. The engineers make it a point to apply different engineering fundamentals of physics, chemistry, and biology to advance, recognize, and analyze the secured and efficient methods of manufacturing food, drugs, chemicals, fuels, and other materials. At the same time, they are responsible for researching and determining the cost of production methods as well as the impacts they have on the surroundings without arbitrating quality and security. A chemical engineer is expected to earn $90,300 to $139,670 on a yearly basis.

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