What are the Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fertility Centre in India?

With the increasing need for assisted reproductive treatments in the country due to the rising number of couples finding difficulty to conceive naturally, it is a daunting task to search for reasonable IVF procedure cost in India. Moreover, it is vital to consider some important things while choosing the best fertility centre in India. The best clinics help diagnose infertility issues and suggest you the most suitable and affordable IVF procedure cost in India.

Before going for the fertility treatment at the best fertility centre in India, it is recommended to go through this post to have a better insight about the procedure. I hope you’ll understand the outcomes of the low IVF procedure cost in India.

How standard are the IVF procedures nowadays?

Many health issues have led to the rise of infertility among couples that affect one in six couples. Reasonable IVF procedure cost in India helps both the man and woman facing fertility issues. Some people pursue fertility for other reasons such as a single woman or man wishing for a baby, a same-sex couple, those carrying a genetic disease and creating a saviour sibling. Nowadays, out of 50 babies one is born through IVF at the best fertility centre in India.

What Is the Appropriate Age for IVF Treatment?

Fertility declines in women around 35 and accelerates through the 30s to 40s. That’s why, by the early 40s, it gets much challenging to conceive. Usually, this occurs because of the decline in the number and quality of eggs in the ovaries over time. Though men’s fertility remains more stable, it declines over time with reducing levels of testosterone levels indicating production of fewer sperms with gradual deterioration in both the quality and quantity.

Preparations required before beginning the IVF journey

In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) starts when the eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries to get it fertilised outside the body through the sperm sample taken by the doctor. This is followed by placing the eggs inside the womb. As this treatment procedure can be lengthy, the female’s body is medically stimulated such that more eggs can be collected. So, the entire process needs frequent visits to the clinic for check-ups as it continues for weeks before the egg collection takes place.

IVF Treatment procedure

The success rates of IVF treatment are around 35% on average, which means that most prospective parents will have to undergo many cycles before achieving a successful pregnancy. The success rates of the procedure are continually improving due to the latest techniques. So, while starting your fertility treatment, make up your mind that you begin a course of the process instead of cycles. This will aid you to prepare yourself for multiple procedures if needed mentally.

IVF procedure cost in India

IVF is not always on the expensive side. However, the IVF procedure cost in India depends on the causes of infertility, type of intervention required and the protocol used. Depending on the patient, the fertility treatment and medicines needed for this procedure at the best fertility centre in India, the cost differs accordingly. Ensure to request the clinic for a complete breakdown on the price of treatment, including additional expenses on procedures if needed.


So, if you are planning to get an IVF treatment, make sure to understand your chances of having a healthy pregnancy depending on your age and cause of infertility. It is highly recommended to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol when you are planning to conceive with IVF treatment. Don’t take any medicines without prior consultation with a medical expert. Discuss with a specialist at the best fertility centre in India about how the IVF procedure works and if it is suitable for you.

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