What are the main Components of UiPath?

UiPath may be a Windows desktop Robotic Process Automation Software designed to automate business processes within organizations. It empowers businesses to perform better by automating any quite repetitive tasks like data entry, data or content migration, screen scraping, web scraping, and testing. Uipath may be a leader among RPA technologies because it helps to automate numerous manual and repetitive tasks in minimal time at affordable costs.

Components of UiPath

UiPath resides within an open and extensible architecture that’s suitable for highly scalable automation. Following are the three components of UiPath:

RPA UIpath

UiPath Studio

We can automate repetitive tasks with UiPath’s visual designer studio. It converts compound tasks into UI automation thus making the work easier and more rapidly. UiPath Studio has two parts:

  • The process designer, where the robot is made
  • The effecting part where the robot execute the mechanization


Responsible for executing the method built inside the studio. Robots can work unattended or as assistants.

UiPath Orchestrator

It helps in deploying, scheduling, monitoring, and managing robots and processes.


The process designer may be a drag and drop tool with a flow-chart interface. The user doesn’t got to have extensive programming knowledge to use the tool. we will create processes a bit like how we prepare a flow chart. There are three main components within the workflow that helps to realize UI automation.

  • Screen Scraping
  • Web Scraping
  • User Activities and Events

Object or Action is that the basic building block of a flowchart. There are many predefined actions available in UiPath. The tool also provides support for fully featured .NET library in order that technical users can create and customize various actions.

UiPath Screen Scraping

Screen scraping is that the soul. The scraping solution provides the power to spot and recognize various UI elements within the screen. When a user hovers mouse on different UI elements, UiPath will highlight and zoom the element in order that the user can make the proper UI selection. once we select the proper UI element, the UiPath process designer will automatically create a corresponding action within the flow chart.

UiPath Web Scraping

UiPath offers advanced web scraping techniques with its suite of automation tools. Using its web scraping utility, UiPath can automatically launch an internet browser, go online to an internet site , extract data spread across multiple pages, also as filter and transform the info supported our requirements.

User Activities and User Events in UiPath

There are two key methods to get robotic process algorithms in UiPath:

  • Using Recorder
  • Using drag-and-drop individual activities within the flow-chart


User Activities

Any action done by the creature user from side to side mouse and keyboard is coded into behavior. aside from the regular browsing and navigation, there are several logical activities, system activities, programming activities, and app integration activities that sync with applications like Excel, CSV, PDF, Databases, and Email. There are quite many individual activities that enable the automation of the foremost complex tasks.

User Events

User events are for robots and humans working together. the appliance waits for a specific action from the user. When the user acts, the robot gets concerned and performs its own tasks. The robot can perform without intervening in any of the user actions. as an example , the robot can await the user to click on a selected button. When the user clicks, the robot can scrape the info, perform calculations thereon and send the results back to the human user


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