What Are The Main Reasons To Conduct A CT Scan?

A CT scan or Computerized Tomography is a medical test procedure to look inside the human body. While surface-level problems are pretty easy to detect and treat, internal issues cannot be tracked accurately even if the doctor is experienced enough. The doctor may advise the patient to undergo a few medical tests in such cases. For instance, if the source of the problems seems to be the abdomen, you will be asked to take a CT scan abdomen test.

A CT scan is an imaging test that can provide an in-depth look into the bones by conducting multiple X-RAYs and recording cross-section images of the body on the computer. As there is more than one image available, the doctor can go through them all and find the pinpoint location of the problem.

What Is Meant By An Abdominal CT Scan?

CT scan can be ordered for several parts of the body based on the issue faced by the patient. For example, a chest CT scan is conducted over the chest area, with the machine recording images strictly of the chest. Similarly, an abdominal CT or CAT scan is explicitly performed on the abdomen part of the body.

However, an abdominal CT scan is far superior in the visibility of the blood vessels, and soft tissues to the bones, almost like contrast material scanning. Multiple X-RAY images of the abdomen cavity give the doctor a different perspective to look at the problem and figure out the solution similarly.

Reasons For Conducting An Abdominal CT Scan

A CT scan abdomen is advised by doctors when they sense an underlying problem in the area and want to have a more careful look before starting the treatment. There are a few symptoms based on which your doctor may order a CAT scan. Some of the reasons are noted below.

⦁ Pain in the abdominal area.
⦁ The patient can feel an unusual lump or mass in the abdomen or maybe even slightly show over the surface level.
⦁ If the patient has had an unexpected weight loss situation, a CAT scan may determine the reason.
⦁ CT scans check for kidney stones, their positioning, sizes, and other relevant matters important for treatment.
⦁ Checking trauma signs following an injury is monitored via CT scan.
⦁ By conducting a CT scan, one can know about underlying infections such as appendicitis.
⦁ It can also diagnose cancer.
⦁ If there is inflammation in the intestines, like Crohn’s Disease or intestinal obstruction can be detected through a CT scan test.

How Long Do Abdomen CT Scans Take?

Like a CT scan chest, a handful of body parts calls for a scan. The abdomen, head, heart, knee, shoulder, and spine are often sent for a CT scan by an assigned doctor to look into the subject. The precise time for a CT scan ranges from 10 to 30 minutes in a hospital facility or a medical diagnostic center. The process for a CAT scan is elaborated in the following pointers.

⦁ The patient may be asked to wear a comfortable dress or may even be asked to change into a hospital gown, so it gets easier only to reveal a particular portion of the body for scanning.
⦁ The patient will be asked to remove every metal object, jewellery, ornaments and other items before lying on the scan table.
⦁ If the doctor dims it, they will ask the patient to consume the contrast solution or inject it through an IV.
⦁ Based on the type of CT scan ordered by the doctor, the technician will ask the patient to lie in a particular position. For a chest ct scan, the patient will be asked to lie on their back or the side based on the exact location of the problem. They will be required to remain still in the said position for a reasonable amount of time so that the machine can take clear images.
⦁ While the images are being recorded, the machine will have some noises. Once the images have been recorded over the computer, the technician will pull the scan table out of the doughnut-shaped CT scan machine.


As the procedure ends, the technician will check the images and make sure the photos are clear enough. Whether a CT scan chest or abdomen, as soon as the results are out, the patient needs to take it to their doctor and look for further treatment. It is primarily a painless procedure, except for dye, which may taste weird and feel even more bizarre.
CT Scan cost in Delhi varies depending on different factors.

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