What Are The Major Roles Of Technology In Trucking?

What are the major roles of technology in trucking

Innovation and Technology are at the core of every business and the same applies to the trucking industry. For the successful working of your company, you should consider the different roles of technology in trucking as important. With every business getting digitized so why not opt for it? Innovation in the trucking industry is at an all-time high with the new trucks that are automatic, electric trucks, and also sport new gadgets.

Technology is constantly evolving and if you want to be in the rat race then revamping your fleet of trucks is very important. Agg Connect is one of the best trucking companies in Indianapolis for contractors, haulers, and fleet owners alike.

Gone are the days of tedious paperwork as everything is done online. Right from selecting the truck according to your requirement to tracking your goods, everything is made possible. There are more good times to come with constant innovation in the trucking industry. With every business being digitally connected the trucking industry should also follow the trend and start upscaling their business.

Challenges Faced By The Trucking Industry:

1. Financing

This is one of the major hurdles faced by the trucking industry. The market is flooded with trucks geared up with the latest technologies. So fleet owners have to fit gadgets into their old vehicles or buy new trucks. It will be a massive cost to the company and they will have to take a loan to revamp their trucks.

The banks can be reluctant at times and that can hamper your business. But now there are some relaxations in the loan process and there are different forms of loans that you can apply for.

2. Shortage of Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is facing a shortage of drivers due to the prevailing labor laws. There is a growing rift between the owners and the drivers. Also, the demands for strict shift timings are hindering the work process. The payment for the job also plays important as the companies tend to pay less for the drivers.

3. Automation

With the trucking industry opening up to technology it is still a daunting task to automate the whole existing fleet. The cost factor for installing gadgets for automation puts the company in a dilemma. But the catch here is that if they don’t automate their fleet then they will be losing business.

4. Regulations

There are various regulations that keep changing by the state or federal departments. This is a major challenge faced by the trucking industry as the minimum labor charges keep changing. This again is a cost to the company and they see a downfall in their profits. There are also some stipulated tests to be conducted, which again poses a problem.

5. Recurring Costs

If there is a rise in fuel charges that hits the trucking industry really hard. If the trucks are traveling long distances then there will be costs to be borne like lodging for the driver, toll charges, repair and maintenance, and the major one being automation.

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