What are the Particularities of a Duplex Construction Accaording to Duplex Builders in Sydney?

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According to bungalow.com, a duplex house is a building divided into two parts, usually symmetrical, side by side or stacked, which provide the necessary living space for two families. The two dwellings are separated by a common wall next to each other. Or by a standard floor when one is above the other. Both houses benefit from the same roof, plumbing systems, and outdoor courtyard in most cases.

The above features are common to most duplex houses, but there may be different layouts depending on preferences. According to granny flat builders Sydney, the most common features of a duplex are the common wall or floor and the roof. Such houses can be separate, without standard doors, shared yard, plumbing, metering, and so on. The duplexes are made by duplex builders Sydney especially useful for young people who want privacy but are still close to their parents.

Now that we know what a duplex house is let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of such a construction.

Advantages of a Duplex House

1. They are cheaper

If you choose to build a duplex house with granny flat builders Sydney, it costs less than two separate houses. The price of a duplex house is lower because you save a lot of materials by using a standard wall or floor, a typical roof, and common plumbing. The duplex builders Sydney will help you achieve your dream.

2. Provides more outdoor space

Duplex houses provide more outdoor space, especially stacked dwellings, making them ideal for narrow urban areas.

3. Provides significant family unity

Duplex dwellings generally keep the family together but, at the same time, provide privacy. This type of housing is ideal for people who want to live with their parents but at the same time want privacy.

4. Saving on utilities

A duplex house helps us save more energy, especially thermal energy because the neighbor heats the common wall or floor.

5. Increased home security

Sharing a house with another family ensures the security of our home during the times when we leave home.

Disadvantages of Duplex Housing

1. Smaller space

Duplex houses are generally designed by duplex builders Sydney with a smaller space than a typical house.

2. Does not provide absolute privacy

Even if everything is separate, including the outside yard, the partition wall or the floor does not provide perfect privacy when you have noisy neighbors.

3. Neighbor insecurity

Excluding the situation when the neighbors with whom you share your duplex are close people, you may have the misfortune of living next to people who are not precisely to your liking.

Optimization of Design and Construction Orientation with Granny Flat Builders Sydney

Although they can be of any shape and design, duplex builders Sydney believes that duplexes with a square footprint are the most advantageous. Also essential are the bathrooms and kitchens in two adjoining dwellings. In the ideal, most economical version, these rooms will be designed as close as possible to the shared wall of the building to shorten as much as possible the water, gas, and sewage routes.

Granny flat builders Sydney recommends that if it’s possible, it would be advisable for both dwellings of the double building to benefit equally from sunlight. It would be helpful for the duplex to be positioned so that one of the standard sides faces south and the other north and the wall separating the two dwellings is on the north-south axis of the land.

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Where is Duplex Construction Allowed?

Duplex houses are, of course, permitted where a development plan provides for them. However, this may be allowed if a duplex house is built by duplex builders Sydney in the unplanned inner area within built-up neighborhoods.

It then depends on whether it blends in with the surrounding area’s nature in terms of the type and extent of the structural use and the type of construction. And the size of the plot on which it is to be built. If there are already duplex homes, this speaks in favor of allowing other duplex homes.

The Particularities of Duplex Construction According to Granny Flat Builders Sydney

As you already know, building a duplex is not much different from building a typical house. However, granny flat builders Sydney will let you know that the construction process of such a building has some peculiarities or rules that must be considered. First of all, even if it is known that, in the end, we will obtain two individual dwellings, it should not be forgotten that, in essence, it is a unitary construction. It means that only half of the foundation cannot be poured because the beneficiary of the other half of the house does not yet have the necessary funds. The same applies to all stages of construction: masonry, slab pouring, and roof installation.

If the building authority denies the duplex character of a building required to be a duplex house, you will not receive planning permission. However, it is also possible that the building authority may grant the requested permission, but the neighbor of the other dwelling contests this. In this case, there may be a reason to fear that we will lose the building permit.

The duplex house made byduplex builders Sydney can be ideal if you want to save a substantial amount of money and don’t mind sharing a wall with other neighbors. There are pros and cons, but it seems to be gaining popularity as one of the best-selling house designs in the Australian property market in recent years, so don’t be afraid to contactgranny flat builders Sydney.

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