What Are the Roles of a Google Keyword Rank Checker in SEO Strategies?

A Google keyword rank checker is a general term used for all the online tools you can use to check the ranks of your website for different keywords. But there is much more to these tools than you realize. And they are very useful for link building strategies as well as for the other types of services an agency provides.

In this article, you will find out the importance of such tools. You can even try and use the free ones and try to do some SEO by yourself. Who knows, you may find out that you like or have talent in this field. But before anything else, you should acquire a basic understanding of these tools.

The First You Need to Know Are the Different Uses a Google Keyword Rank Checker Can Have

The basic function of a Google keyword rank checker  is to check the ranks of a website. But the name was given from the beginning when these tools first appeared on the market. Nowadays, most tools in this category can do a lot more than that.

There are many rank checker tools on the internet. And many of them are a lot of extra features that can help an SEO expert. The information they provide can be used to create or adopt SEO strategies plans. And for webmasters, it can be used to check the results produced by the SEO agencies.

In both cases, the use of these tools became an essential part of the SEO industry. Although an SEO expert can do the same things without the tools. It requires significantly more time and effort. And in most cases, it is not worth the work.

The Ranks Checkers Can Be Used for Many Purposes Even in Link Building Strategies

Besides the basic function, there are many other functions that these tools can accomplish. Here you will find some of the most useful ones. And the first in this category is keywords research. You can use some of the tools to check the popularity of a keyword as well as the link building strategies that the competition uses. It takes minutes to do what it would take an SEO expert a few hours.

You can also use some of these tools to see which articles or pieces of content rank the best. And this can give an SEO agency new ideas. Or it can be helpful to test different theories and improve the quality of their services.

Many of the tools also provide reports that will save the agencies a lot of time. If you want to use the tools yourself, then these reports will help you better understand the state of your website. But you need to have some knowledge about SEO if you want to fully understand them.

You Can Use a Google Keyword Rank Checker to Find a Reliable SEO Agency

Besides its intended functions and features, there are also other uses for a Google keyword rank checker. One of these uses is to find a reliable agency. How so? Well, many agencies will post the results they produced for their clients online. But you may and should not trust every claim it makes.

You can use a rank checker to check the veracity of the reports posted by the agency. This will allow you to find out if an agency can be trusted or not. And thus, if you should consider a collaboration with it or not.

This method is much more efficient than doing the work manually. It will save you time and effort. And the biggest benefit is that there are free tools you can use for this purpose. You can find them easily with an online search on Google.

How Can Rank Checkers Influence the SEO Methods, Such as Link Building Strategies, Used by Agencies

In the first part of the article, it was mentioned that rank checkers can even influence the strategies used by SEO agencies. But how exactly? How can the link building strategies  or the others be influenced by these tools?

Well, it depends on the tools used. But overall, the SEO agencies are using these tools to improve the quality of the services they provide for clients. Below you will find the specific influence that they have over each of the 3 parts of SEO.

Influence over the technical SEO services

The goal of these services is to maximize the performance of a website and ensure its functionality. And rank checker tools can have an important role in doing this. There are tools with specialized functions that can be used for these purposes.

The most common ones are the loading speed and link functionality checking. Both of which can save many hours of work. And the accuracy of the results compared with an SEO expert will increase based on the size of a website.

Influence over the on-site SEO strategies

As mentioned above, it is possible to find the articles that perform the best for getting high ranks in search engines. So, the on-site strategy will obviously be adapted based on this information. But this is not the only method that can achieve this effect.

The keyword research will also influence the on-site strategy. Choosing the keywords also means deciding the focus of the content used on the website. And as you can use a Google keyword rank checker to choose the keywords, there is an indirect influence over the on-site strategy.

Influence over the Off-site part of SEO

Link building is very popular nowadays. And high-quality link building strategies are in high demand. But how are these top-quality strategies created? Well, many of them make use of online SEO tools. For example, you can find websites that are linked to content similar to yours. So, you can reach out to ask for a backlink.

If you use the guest posting method, then you can use rank checkers to find the perfect hosts for your articles. And there are many other methods that you can find online. You only need to know that SEO knowledge is mandatory if you want to do anything yourself.

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