what are the scope and limitations of astrology

The science of astrology focuses on the impact that far-off celestial objects—typically stars and planets—have on human existence. People’s personalities, sexual relationships, and financial futures are all allegedly influenced by the sun, stars, moon, and planets’ positions at the time of their birth (not their conception), according to various forms of divination.

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Scope of astrology:

Astrology might be referred to as a science because it uses calculations to analyze the positions of the planets and stars and how they affect human affairs and earth events to forecast the future. The world around, many people read these projections.

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The predictions and explanations provided by astrology for occurrences on Earth and characteristics of human nature are based on a system of laws about the relative locations and movements of heavenly bodies.

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Application of astrological science:

Although the field of astrology is so extensive that no one can ever fully comprehend it, let’s talk about one of its most fundamental and well-known applications, Vastu shastra.

Astrological considerations govern the extremely old and conventional Vastu Shastra method of design. It aims to bring happiness, wealth, and calm into a home. Not only are astrology and Vastu well-liked in India, but they are also slowly gaining popularity in nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, etc.

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Today, an increasing number of people in western nations are becoming interested in constructing their homes using Vastu, a science-based on the five basic elements of Earth, Fire, Sky, Air, and Water.

Limitations of astrology:

Astrology has some limitations, just like anything else on our planet, but the issue is that people don’t accept them on a regular basis.

  • Astrological predictions work! However, there are several prerequisites for it. If you consult an astrologer today, he may predict that you will be hired by the government.
  • Yes, you will be hired by the government, but only if you put in the necessary effort. You won’t obtain it by simply thinking about working for the government. You don’t put in enough effort, therefore what the astrologer predicted won’t come to pass.
  • A person’s destiny is the inevitable and unavoidable course of events in their life that are not all under their control but are instead chosen by the Almighty in accordance with His Original Judgment, which was made after taking into account the Karma they committed in a previous life and is only known to His Almighty. A sage astrologer can forecast it.

Astrological forecasts that are correctly foreseen must come true since destiny cannot be changed. Can anyone provide another explanation for the following than that they were all the result of their stars, sometimes known as “Fate”? “Karma” or “Destiny?”

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