What are the services offered by GreenTree electronics?

distributor of obsolete electronic components

distributor of obsolete electronic components

GreenTree Electronics LTD. is a leading independent distributor of obsolete electronic components and delegate of electronic parts Manufacturers and Test labs. GreenTree provides recognizable and validated obsolete electronic components, directly from manufacturers and our global networking of diversified merchants and qualified OEM vendors. GreenTree provides a unique solution to tier-1 OEM’s and CM’s that seeking for dependable, verified and real obsolete electrical componentsGreenTree provides a Quality Inspection with GreenTree provides a Quality Inspection with service. GreenTree battles Counterfeit gives Authentication and electronic components testing service and worth added administrations.

Services offered by GreenTree are:-

  • Quality inspection-

To guarantee the quality, GreenTree Electronics as a supplier of obsolete electronic components is resolved to test and validate electronic parts in a testing research facility and provide a function-fit-form warranty to our customers. Tests include Visual investigation, X-Ray, De-Capsulation, Soldering, Electrical and practical testing, against static vacuum bundling, baking, re-staggering, and more.

  • Excess Inventory-

GreenTree Electronics’ obsolete electronic components distributor offers stock administration projects to meet your particular prerequisites. To improve the supply chain process, the obsolete components distributor suggests professional management of your excess and obsolete components.

  • Engineering consult-

GreenTree Electronics’ obsolete components supplier provides free designing counsel to help our clients pick the most appropriate programmable gadget for their application. obsolete electronics supplier engineers assist the customers by thinking about the Cost, Power utilization, Footprint, I/O’s, coordinated blocks, Speed, and functional temperature grade.

GreenTree Electronics is a distributor of integrated circuits (distributor of IC’s) and expertise in Micro-Processors and DSP for Embedded systems, Networking, Imaging, and Video

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