What are the signs that parents should look out for in cyberbullying?

As with traditional bullying, cyberbullying can be identified from some signs in the behavior of the young person, so parents must pay attention. Some of them are:

– Lack of interest in school and studies
– Stress

– Anxiety

– Self-esteem issues
– Depression

In the case of virtual abuse, victims can seek help from parents or the school to signal that something is out of the norm. If this happens, it is essential to show acceptance and not judge. Building a safe environment for young people to talk openly is the best way to encourage them to speak and thereby ensure their safety.

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek psychological support or file a complaint. The important thing is that the parents transmit security and tranquility to the child in this situation. In addition, there must be a partnership with the school, so that the student is guided on the healthy and safe use of the internet.

How can parents and the school avoid this problem?

Check below some attitudes that parents and the school can take to better deal with the issue, and prevent its occurrence.

Watch for changes in behavior:

The abused student often does not speak openly about cases of violence for fear of being ignored or belittled by colleagues. However, it is common for him to demonstrate some behaviors that can show suffering. In the case of schools, teachers must be guided to identify the signs and take action together with parents and coordination.

Maintain an open dialogue on the topic:

Technology is part of student’s lives, but, as we mentioned, it is necessary to know how to use it safely. In this sense, it is up to parents and educators to maintain an open dialogue about the dangers of the internet.

It is important, for example, to show your child that it is wrong to make offensive comments on social media and that, oppositely, if he is a victim of bullying, he should seek the help of his parents or the support of the school to deal with the issue. Or he can also take help from social media expert witnesses.

At this time, it is worth warning you that you should not trust all the information that is found on the network, nor on the people who may be interested in keeping in touch. Data preservation is also a key issue to be discussed.

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