What Are The Three Types Of Ultrasounds?

Ultrasound, popularly known as ultrasonography, is a very common medical diagnosis procedure widely used to detect pregnancy or to know the health of a fetus. Almost all the diagnostic centers are equipped with an ultrasound machine as it has been popularly practiced all over.

In case you are searching for an “Ultrasound near me in Delhi, this post is suitable for you as here we will discuss the importance of this procedure and its application in medical science. Similarly, we will also discuss its price range and where to go for it. 

Star imaging Ultrasound

Star imaging Ultrasound

Why Is An Ultrasound Test Recommended?

Ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to get a detailed image of the internal organs. The sound wave passes through water or other medium but bounces back when it hits opaque objects like internal organs, thus creating an image. Therefore this method is highly recommended to check the internal heath of organs and soft tissues. 

If your doctor recommends you or any of your family members to get an Ultrasound test done, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • The most popular finding in pregnancy.
  •  So if the doctor suspects your pregnancy, he can ask you to get it done. Sometimes you need to do it at a regular interval as the doctor wants to monitor the growing stages of the fetus.
  • When the Doctor wants to check the health of your pancreas or suspects that you may have some pancreatic alignment, he will recommend you to get it done.
  • In case of the treatment and diagnosis of the gallbladder, you need to have sonography done as per the doctor’s recommendation. 
  • Examine a breast lump
  • Check the thyroid gland
  • Find genital and prostate problems
  • Assess joint inflammation (synovitis)
  • Evaluate metabolic bone disease


Types Of Ultrasound: 

Generally, ultrasonography is performed from the outside of the body, which is why it is a non-invasive procedure, meaning you don’t need to use needles. A variety of sonography is performed to observe the state of internal organs and to detect abnormalities like tumors or cysts. But in some cases, it is performed within the body to understand some internal structures better.

There are three main types of sonography performed within the body. 


Transesophageal Echocardiogram:

It is done to get a clearer image of the heart and to monitor its functionality. 

Process: You must sign a consent form in most cases to undergo this procedure, and your healthcare provider will advise you to fast before undergoing it. The transducer probe will be passed down your throat to take images of the inside of your body. After the completion of the procedure the patient is free to walk out of the facility. 

Applications: The process is done to check the heart health and to monitor specific heart alignments like clogging of arteries, thickening of the heart muscle, failure of the heart, cardiac tumor, stroke and certain valve diseases and many more.


Transvaginal Ultrasound:

It means when the ultrasound is performed through the vagina. It is done to understand and detect abnormalities within the female reproductive organs. 

Process: Your doctor might instruct you to drink water or have a full bladder to complete the process. You need to lie down on the bed and bend your knees. The doctor will cover the transducer in lubricating gel inserted gently within the vagina. The picture of the entire internal organs will be captured. Once the process is done, you can return to your routine life.

Application: The most common use of this process is understanding the fetus’s condition. It is also used to detect any infection or abnormalities within the female reproductive organ.


Transrectal Ultrasound:

It is performed to understand the condition of the prostate gland.

Process: You will be advised not to eat anything a few hours before the process and need to use a laxative or enema to clear the intestine to get a better image. The patient will be asked to lie on their back and bend their knees as told by the physician present during the procedure. The transducer will be covered with lubricating gel and slowly inserted within your rectal passage. The transducer will be rotated in various directions to get a better image of the prostate glands or to detect any abnormalities.

Application: The process is widely used to detect men’s prostate gland abnormalities and to understand other pelvic diseases.



If you are searching for an ultrasound near me to perform any of the procedures mentioned above, then make sure that the clinic has advanced tools to perform all these processes, as not every clinic is equipped with these processes. You can contact Star Imaging & Path Lab Pvt Ltd if you are searching for any advanced medical test in Delhi, as they are the most renowned ones.

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