What Are the Ways to Transport Skis?

To make the skis or snowboards completely safe on the way to the ski resort, it is very important to have special equipment in the car for their transport. Two delivery methods guarantee a very high level of safety and comfort: the automatic case and ski rack. Consider their main pros and cons

Rack for skis and snowboards

The classic ski rack features a two-bar design that securely attaches all your sports equipment to the roof.

This device has several advantages:

transportation that is completely secure;


With a small footprint, usually half the width of the roof, you can fit a pair of luggage compartments and carry more skis or snowboards, or put it on the passenger side for easier unloading on the pavement rather than the road.

easy to install;

Not much value.

But this method of transportation also has disadvantages:

When installing, you must first buy and place a roof rack because the brackets are placed on its arc;

The stock is open, i.e. adverse weather conditions may affect it or the cover;

Almost all systems do not involve the transport of boots, which means they have to fit in standard luggage.

Auto box

Many skiers use an auto box – a large container with a lid made of durable material for transporting various cargoes, which is also mounted on the roof.

The benefits of using auto boxes:

To ensure the perfect safety of any winter stock;

The right size and ample space allow you to carry as many or more skis as compared to traditional stands;

Since the box is covered, everything is not afraid of rain, wind, or other unpredictable weather;

Inside you can fold boots and other gear, which saves space in a standard suitcase.

Auto boxes also have disadvantages:

high price;

In this more complicated installation, in addition, they are also placed on the normal trunk;

occupy the entire roof space;

Not every model is suitable for transporting skis, only the long ones, over 200 cm.

When choosing a box, it is best to prioritise models that have locks on both sides and open accordingly. This will make the loading and unloading process easier.

Many companies that sell similar auto parts offer roof racks and cabin rentals. This can be handy if you don’t ski a lot, or if you’re looking for “luggage” and want to try a different model. Additionally, renting can allow you to save a lot of money in the long-term and the “one-off approach.”

Safe transportation of skis

Therefore, there are several ways to properly and safely transport skis and snowboards by car:

  1. Use the dedicated skis and ski brackets, mounted on the rails on the roof. The main advantage of this bracket is the ability to fit on the arches (rails) that are already present on the car, so it can distribute the load on the body very well. Such bindings allow you to transport up to 8 pairs of skis (depending on the model) or 4 skis at the same time.
  1. Place mining equipment in the trunk of the expedition. It’s a foldable design that allows you to safely place oversized cargo, lighting, and equipment on the roof. This trunk can withstand heavy loads and is especially popular with hunters and fishermen, as well as enthusiasts of various “extreme sports”.
  1. Use additional racks to attach bikes, snowboards, and other sports equipment – specially designed to mount on the rear door or towbar, allowing you to transport bikes, snowboards, snowboards, and more. Here, the design of the trunk or transport equipment does not include the rear licence plate number and headlights.

Snowboard racks and ski racks can be attached to most modern cars. Also, there are universal versions on sale that you can easily attach to the roof rails – the easiest, safest, and most time-saving option.

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