What are the worst things to wear to the airport?

When planning a trip, you take extreme measures to pick the right outfits. You check the weather forecast, surf the internet, ask friends for suggestions, and even go for last-minute shopping if you do not own an appropriate attire. But do you put so much thought into deciding what to wear to the airport? Unfortunately, most people do not, which is not ideal since choosing the wrong airport outfit can mean a hassle at the security check. So, to prevent you from making this mistake, here is a list of the worst outfits and accessories to wear at the airport. Have a look!


Outfits you should avoid wearing to the airport

  1. Maxi dress:

Many people are obsessed with the airport looks of celebrities. So as a result, they reach the airport wearing a maxi dress or skirt top. But people who dislike being patted down are advised against picking such outfits. It is so because if you go to the security check in this attire, the officer will have to pat you down to ensure you are not hiding anything in your clothes.

  1. Cargo pants:

You can regret your decision to wear cargo pants to the airport, especially if you are running behind on your flight timetable. More often than not, the pockets become a hassle as they almost always set off the alarm. You may take precautions and feel like you have emptied all your pockets, but a set of keys or a lighter may slip through your fingers and delay the process.

  1. Anything metallic:

Setting a security alarm will mean extra screening while your fellow passengers stream past you. Avoid wearing anything metallic to the airport if you do not want this to happen. Everything, from piercings to metal fasteners, should be removed before you get to the security point. Request a private screening if you have a metallic piercing that cannot be removed.

  1. Bobby pins:

This may sound unbelievable, but putting on too many bobby pins can set off the security alarm. So, it is better to tie your hair using a rubber band. It will solve the purpose of preventing hair from getting into your eyes without causing a delay at the security check.

  1. Belt:

Since removing the belt when passing through the security check is necessary, you should avoid wearing one altogether. Instead, pick a pair of jeans/pants that can stay up without extra help. In case you cannot avoid wearing a belt, at least be ready to remove it. If your pants are too loose and might fall off without support, do not wear them to the airport.


You must put some thought into what you wear to the airport. The clothing should be comfortable and customized to help you get through the security check. Otherwise, you may end up receiving extra screening.

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