What Are Wisdom Teeth And How Do They Work?


Wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) are the last four teeth to erupt and usually appear in late adolescence or early adulthood. Because the jaw is often too small to properly accept the new wisdom teeth, their eruption often causes pain and necessitates extraction.

What problems do wisdom teeth cause?

A lot of people have problems with their wisdom teeth. Pain, damage to surrounding teeth, and crowding are the most typical issues caused by wisdom teeth. While your wisdom teeth are growing in, you may have pain or swelling, or you may have no symptoms at all, even if your other teeth are at risk of injury. This is why it is vital to have a skilled dentist do best wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems, including gum infection, tooth decay, pressure pain, and cyst formation.

Gum Infection

Food particles and/or germs can gather beneath the gum line if your tooth has partially erupted through the gum line, resulting in a local infection. This might result in discomfort, edoema, and poor breath. It may even be difficult for you to chew or fully open your mouth. The infection has the potential to spread to the cheeks and neck.

Tooth Decay

Bacteria and food can build up around your wisdom tooth if it is impacted. The wisdom teeth or the tooth next to it becomes decayed as a result of this. This frequently results in an aching infection. This is why most dentist suggest undergo wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Reasons for orthodontics

If you’ve had orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, your wisdom teeth may interfere with the outcome by shifting your teeth out of place.

Pain due to pressure

When a wisdom tooth emerges, it can put a lot of pressure on the surrounding teeth as they struggle to create space. This might result in excruciating pressure pain and possibly weakening of the other teeth.

Cyst formation

The tissue surrounding impacted wisdom teeth might produce a cyst (fluid-filled sac). This can result in bone loss, expansion of the jaw, and movement or deterioration of surrounding teeth. To minimise future bone loss, the tooth and cyst must be removed. Tumours can form inside these cysts, which can lead to a cracked jaw if left untreated.

Details for prosthetics

When a patient needs dentures, it is recommended that any wisdom teeth be extracted. Irritation might occur if a wisdom tooth grows in beneath a denture. If it is removed, the patient would need new dentures because the gums and mouth will have changed shape.

Is it necessary to extract an impacted wisdom tooth if it isn’t causing any issues?

If a wisdom tooth becomes impacted and is ignored, it is almost guaranteed to create problems, especially if it is a lower wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth that have been impacted are also known for generating excruciating agony. To avoid further complications and increase in wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, it’s essential to have an obstructed wisdom tooth detached as soon as possible when it’s discovered.

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