What Can a Loader Weigh Scale Do For Your Business?

American Forklift Scales onboard Front Loader and Bucket Loader scales are designed to measure the load weight using dual sensor indicators to measure the pressure in the hydraulic line, after the load has been picked up. The heavier the load is, the greater the pressure in the hydraulic line.


The AccuLoad Model LTWS-12 loader scale weighs loads giving you a reliable weight immediately after filling up the bucket. The front/ bucket load scale system is reliable, proven and all electronics can be conveniently located in the cab. Front loader or bucket loader services immediately see more profit by accurately knowing pickup costs and corresponding landfill or transfer station fees.

This is a complete, integrated weighing solution that easily integrates with your IT data management products and processes and includes:

  • Load cell weight sensors
  • Precision electronics
  • In-cab displays to guide drivers
  • Wireless connectivity
  • GPS tracking
  • Load Management Software

This sturdy LTWS-12 Scale system can improve your business by being used to check-weigh every bucket load for bucket loaders and front loaders and providing a record of weight over a period of time to assure a profitable contract. The LTWS-12 Scale system can also be paired with an optional thermal printer which can print Time/Date and Net Weight for your records.

The LTWS-12 scale gives you load intelligence on each bucket. It features:

  • Superior weighing accuracy with Advanced Hydraulic Pressure Curve (AHPC) technology.
  • Arm angle and speed are constantly monitored throughout the lift boom cycle.
  • Weighs accurately when the bucket is being raised.
  • Rugged Touch screen.

Loader Weigh Scales

American Forklift Scales brings you the very best in loader weigh scales and has the very best loader scales price on the market today! Because loader weigh scales do so much to improve your accuracy and speed, the return on investment as compared to loader scale price is quick and complete. For top notch loader weigh scales at the very lowest loader scales price Visit American Forklift Scale on the web or call (888) 640-2725 and a knowledgeable customer service representative can help you get started with a free 21 day test drive right away!

Bucket Loader Scale and Front Loader Scale

Scales that are designed to do on board weighing such as these will streamline and expedite your services which in turn saves you money. This will also bolster your professionalism and reputation. Check out bucket loader scales and front loader scales from American Forklift Scale today!

American Forklift Scale

American Forklift Scale provides the best real person phone support in the industry. Their kind and knowledgeable staff can listen to and understand your weighing needs and help you find solutions. They also provide great technical support and give you access to a list of support documents needed for anything from setting up your new scale indicator to calibrating to warranties. They even offer a 21 day test drive of our scale systems so that you know it works for you and the best part is that it didn’t cost you a dime. Visit American Forklift Scale on the web or call (888) 640-2725 to find out more today!

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