What Can Give Rise To Automobile Product Liability Claim?

Finding yourself involved in a car accident is enough to get you depressed. But the stress becomes worse when you realize a defective product may have caused your car accident. Sadly enough, such occurrences are so common in Alaska. When a car has a defective part, this increases the probability of one being involved in an accident.
 If you presume that your car wreck was a result of a defective product, there is the likelihood that you will get top dollar payments for recovery of your damages.
 Manufacturing Problems That May Give Rise To A Claim
 Many manufactures are fond of making intentional mistakes to save money when manufacturing cars. And instead of giving customers the best, they produce an unsafe design or even fail to add devices that may protect vehicle occupants from injuries. But before you can make a step to file a claim, it’s better to understand what exactly led to your car crash. Thus, it’s better to have the best car accident lawyer in Alaska. Many manufacturing problems may give rise to product liability claims. They include:
  • Active and passive restraint systems: These include things like seatbelts and airbags respectively that ensure a vehicle occupant is safe in the event of an accident. If a seat belt is not correctly manufactured, one may be ejected out of the car in case of an accident. Likewise, a faulty airbag may fail to deploy, and this may lead to severe injuries in the event of collision.
  • Car instability: This is apparent in SUV models. When a car is unstable, it may be prone to accidents. When a vehicle has been manufactured with an abnormal center of gravity, this makes them either taller or narrower and more prone to rollover accidents than other cars.

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