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Pirates found defense secrets, playing advantages to continuing progress

Tampa Bay Pirates were as good as nightmares, and then the defensive coordinator was adjusted for their working methods. And this adjustment is immediate, the team’s defensive defense has made great progress. In the first three weeks, Fraser always issued tactical notice on the players. After the harvest is better, he changed the routine and selects the entry of the Journalist Chasing. For this adjustment, he said that this can help himself better read the tactical choice of the opponent, and find which players used in time. This will also help piracy more effectively.

In the face of the worst record in the same district, New York Jets, the scene did not reflect the gap rankings. It fell one than last week, but the important thing is that they won the American League playoffs, the first name and the first round bye.

Philadelphia Eagle left truncated Sen-Pites got a salary increase

Jason Peters re-joined the Philadelphia eagle as a striker in this year. However, after the original first left-off, Andre Dillard was reimbursed by the injury season, Pites will return to the left-off position.

NFL TV Network Reporter Mike Garafolo reported that the eagle rebuilt Pitas’s contract, and now his contract value can be up to $ 8 million, including $ 2 million signature bonus, guaranteed to reach 400 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

“I don’t want to” I don’t like to expect too much. This is not reasonable, I haven’t talked privately and Yashi, the other outer work is also the same. I can see how it works this week. I hope he can work hard. With the team, find the role suitable for him, contribute to the team. “

After the original first guard against Brandon Brooks injured season, the eagle re-signed the Pites in July. At that time, Pits and the eagle signed a maximum value of 6 million US dollars and guaranteed revenue reached 3 million US dollars. The eagle’s plan is to let this old will be a sharp strike in his career.

Tom Braddy: I ​​hope that Godden is the team.

Beijing September 19th, the change of the Patriot offensive group can be summarized in such a sentence: the external connector of the water, the iron-hit Braddy. According to EPSN reporter Adam Schefter, it is considered to obtain Josh Gordon, cut off Corey Coleman, and patriots have taken away from 28 times. .

Frazer told reporters that he would continue to watch the game in the high-level: “I like it very much in work, it is much more effective than the previous week. I want to immediately find that the other person’s staff is not an easy thing, when the command Even more. I will continue to improve and we will adhere go directly to www.Zichen.com this way of working. I believe my plan is right. “

The Johnson’s contract was 3 years, and his basic salary was $ 1.9 million in 2019. Considering Hunt’s ban, Brown may continue to stay Johnson for a while, and Johnson can provide the necessary lineup depth to the running guard.

Maybe Pites has a high state that has fallen, but he can still block the rush of his opponent. Although the eagle offensive front line is hurt, at least Pites can protect the blind side of the Carson Wentz. And he has also got a salary as a return.

With Russell – Wilson (Russell Wilson) Personal Lianpao pass, coupled with a terrible defensive intensity, the Seahawks won five in a row, from the playoffs once ran the National League West to occupy the first name. It is worth mentioning that their opponents over the past five weeks on average 71.7% winning percentage, can be regarded as the most difficult in the history of the NFL five straight.

Key Like: Darlle Revis VS TY-Hilton Hilton Hilton has grown into Rak’s most trusted goals, whether long-distance attack or short pass, flashing Is a good hand. And the Patriot’s defense line is slightly slow, and the small child of Elington, Ryan’s focalism is not enough to limit Hilton, so it is likely or “Island King” to make a special one, Rewick’s last face is also a small lofty, and try to see if he can find the status of the first corner.

Patriot: How to limit Rock? In the semi-finals in the League, Lack is almost defeated the whole offensive group with a whole force. Unlike the patriots, the pavement of the patriot is very limited, almost relocated this “thigh”, and Rak’s pass target is more than the crow: External hand has Hilton, Knicks, Mum Lev, Double Director Allen and Fritna, running Wendelen also often participates in the ball attack, so that the patriotic defensive difficulty increases. At the same time, Lak himself also has excellent mobile capabilities. Therefore, we must limit Rock. The patriot must not only continue to press the front line, but also need wire guards and second-line defensive to effectively focus on other players who prevent Pony.

Seahawks ranked in the league’s first 17 weeks power rankings

In the past week, several excellent quarterback Unfortunately, where the team bid farewell to the playoffs, but after several key battles, the addition of twelve locked playoff team. The following are the 17 power rankings:

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