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Lightning Run Gordon: If you receive a satisfactory quotation phone, you will end the dismissive
Beijing August 21 If Melvin Gordon is able to receive a call that reports good news, he will end the dismissive.

Although the 3 games were absent last season and the next half of the season and the quarter-free cooperation, Jones got 779 yards 9 times. Last season Jones’s teammates Kenny Golladay will be the first in 11th.

“I want to lead the whole league & mdash; & mdash; I want to get more than 15 times,” Jones said. “Forgot 10 times, I have already got 10 times. I want (15 times). I want 1400 (code to catch the ball). Push me like this kind of goal, each time I step on the end area line & mdash & mdash; I have to enter the ninth year of career & mdash; & mdash; but every time I step on the end area line, this makes me power to become a great player. ”

Lightning replacement runs Ostin Ekeler and Justin Jackson played excellent play in the preseason. Despite the threat to change the dismissal to a regular season, Gordon’s negotiation chip did not increase.

In the 20-year Beli Take, the 20-year Trichi, the 20 years of the patriot, has been managing the team in this attitude. However, since Braddy won the first, he has always been a first person to choose. After Braddy got from the team, according to the past resume, Newton is the most popular candidate for new starters.

In 2019, the salary reached a $ 5.6 million Gordon wanted a contract that was similar to the value of the main run. However, he must report to the team at a moment of the new season, otherwise his contract with the lightning will be extended again. He may be fined by the team due to absent training and presenter.

In March this year, cheap Nfl jerseys from china was influenced by new championships, and all team facilities were closed. The rickets have also started the remote office since then. The coach has been able to return to the team facilities since the last Friday, but the players can still be returned if they have no need to rehabilitate demand.

Fluke will be striped with the second grade – Ben Powers, this year’s three-wheeled Xitel-Phillips, Tyre Phillips and four-wheeled Xiuen-Bredeson competition first position . Regardless of the starting of Yang Da, his performance will be crucial for the new season in the new season.

“I see that Yang Da played for a long time. He is a great striker,” Fluke said in an interview. “This is a manifestation that is difficult to surpass. Yang Da completed his task. He is famous for his body’s confrontation ability. But I can do myself, play my own performance. Being a ball every day. Team, strive to train, dare to fight and press the opponent’s player. This is me. This is DJ & MDash; & mdash; always is full of rugby. This is the performance I can give you. ”

Green is currently $ 15 million in annual salary, slightly more than $ 14.25 million, and only two years of contract remaining, Jones has been signed in 2020. But Green is not rushing to pursue a new contract.

Since the only two players since 2012, they have achieved at least 15 times: 2018 Antonio Brown and Des Bryant in 2014. In the history of NFL, 33 players have achieved at least 15 batches of the game, and Randy Moss won 23 games in 2007 to create a record.

A.j. Green is unintentionally pursued a new contract
Previously, Tiger’s outer junction A.j. Green (A.j. Green) publicly supports the pursuit of new contracts in Julio Jones. But Green I don’t need this support.

The scroll coach said that the coach will continue to be remote office.
Kliff Kingsbury This Monday has entered the team amenities this week, but he said that he and the assistant will continue to work remotely.

In 2011, the first round of Shi Shi was selected by San Diego lightning, and she was carefully selected by the offensive cutout, but she was selected for the best rookie lineup, but later changed his striker. He was powered down in 2017, followed by New York Giants for 1 season, and then spent the Eagle in the past two seasons. The Hawks made him with the offensive front line this year. The 29-year-old Fluk has been a 23 game for the Eagle Eagle for the past two years.

Stym last season is the four-point guard of the Patriot No. 2, and he has been organizing the team outside the team. Newton also contacted some new opponents after the official joining the patriot. But the 31-year-old he needs to make up for the patriotic virtual offset training content of the patriotic patriotic.

Bill Bello: Newton must rely on performance to win the first quarter-off
If Cam Newton wants to become Tom Brady’s successor in the new England Patriots, he must win the first quarter-off position in the training camp.

When I was interviewed on Friday, the Patriot coach Belbe Bell Belichick did not directly say that Newton is the team’s number quarter. “This location is the same as the other position of the team. We have a long way to go. We have to see how the competition is,” Belick is said. “I can’t control how the player is expressive; it depends on themselves. We will give everyone a chance and see what will happen. I don’t know.”

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