What Colour Should I Paint My Bathroom?


This is one of the questions people ask us frequently. So, we, house painters in Wahroonga have decided to share some of the best bathroom paint colours with you in this article.

Whether you are renovating your old bathroom or building a new bathroom, using colourful painting can be intimidating but choosing something adventurous is worth trying and you’ll be glad with the results. This is especially true with smaller bathrooms. No matter if you want to go bold or incorporate some pattern, you are sure to inspire by these paint colour ideas.


May be this is not your go-to colour. But, why don’t you think out of the box and try something new? No one said you have to use the same colours someone has used it. There’s nothing as such that black shouldn’t be used in bathrooms or it blends well with only certain colours. In fact, this is the best of both the worlds. Yes, a black accent wall can make your bathroom look sleek and sophisticated while keeping other areas white can give a different look to the bathroom, regardless of the space. Get more ideas from the painters Wahroonga to incorporate black into your bathroom.


It is no wonder grey is a trending, popular colour. A soft, light grey is the ideal shade to give your bathroom an elegant look. Go with simple, neutral accents for a classic look and accent with pop colours in your accessories for more vibrant option. However, you can go wild with your choice as soft grey suits with almost any colours, including soft pink to bright orange.


It is no wonder a white bathroom never goes out of the style. Yes, it is a classic colour choice for any space. Although it is a simple concept, the look of bright white can be stunning, elegant, and sophisticated. You can use different textures to break up the look. If you think white walls are too much for you, create accent walls and try warming things up by using light wood accents or softer neutrals.


Do you want to crate a more dramatic bathroom? Then, you can’t go wrong with the charcoal. In fact, it is a more sophisticated and moodier alternative to soft grey. Of course, it is a darker shade, but it has warm elements that make charcoal a versatile shade.

Light blue

Blue is a sophisticated colour that suits any space, including bathroom. You can feel so calm and relaxed when surrounded by this dreamy shade. Using light shades of blue gives a spa-like feeling to your bathroom.

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