what delicious food can be made by Toshiba air fryer microwave?

The air frying pan is a new type of cooking appliance. It uses the principle of air frying to make the food mature. The air frying pan is equipped with a hot fan. During the heating process, it can also blow away the water in the food. The hot air is used to heat it to make its appearance crisp and achieve the effect of similar frying.


Many people are not familiar with air fryers. They always feel unsafe when they look at the word “frying”. According to the current technology, air fryers are quite safe. The heating process is inside, and the outside is not dangerous, and they are automatically timed. When the time is up, they will stop working.


Many people are not familiar with air fryers and do not know what delicious food can be made by Toshiba air fryer microwave. Today, I will teach you four different ways to make it convenient, fast, and delicious.


1、 Fried dumplings

1. Prepare a box of glutinous rice balls with filling materials of your choice. Black sesame filling, bean paste filling, and white sugar filling are all acceptable. Boil the glutinous rice balls before boiling the water in the pot, and the fresh and frozen ones are all acceptable.


2. After cooking, take it out and put it into ice water, quickly soak it to cool down, take it out to control the moisture, and wrap it in bread bran, because there is moisture, it will be wrapped very firmly.


3. Open the Toshiba air fryer microwave, lay a layer of oil-absorbing paper under the bottom, put the dumplings in order, operate carefully, spray some vegetable oil, push the drawer in, adjust the temperature to 160 degrees, and set the time for 10 minutes. The outside is crisp and the inside is tender, and the color is golden. The children scramble to eat at the table.


2、 Fried ham sausage

1. Prepare ten ham sausages. The specific quantity depends on your own appetite. Ham sausages can be eaten directly. But you don’t know, fried with an air fryer, the taste is amazing.


2. Lay a layer of tinfoil or oiled paper under the bottom, peel off the jacket of the ham sausage, brush a layer of vegetable oil, put it into the air frying pan, adjust the temperature to 180 degrees, bake the front side for 5 minutes, and bake the back side for another 5 minutes, and then it will be crisp and tender outside the pan.


3. Baked ham sausage, then simply mix a sauce, put cumin powder, white sesame, chili flour, and white sugar in the bowl, pour in hot oil to stimulate the flavor, stir evenly, pour on the ham sausage, and you can eat it, with a unique flavor and delicious taste.


3、 Fried peanuts

1. Prepare 300 grams of peanuts, wash them with clean water, control the moisture, lay a layer of oil paper under the bottom, spread the peanuts evenly, sprinkle a small amount of salt, spray a layer of vegetable oil, and bake them at 180 degrees for 8 minutes.


2. The power of each air frying pan is slightly different, including the amount of hot air and the specific time, which need to be studied by yourself, but they are all the same. The lower the temperature is, the longer the temperature is, and the higher the temperature is, the shorter the temperature is. The peanuts in the air frying pan are also crispy, and the skin will fall off when pinched, the outside is crisp and the inside is tender.


3. Before the peanuts are put into the pot, rinse them with water, and do not soak them. With this layer of water, the peanuts will not be burnt. Put some salt in order to taste more delicious.


4、 Fried chicken wings

1. Prepare a dozen chicken wings, clean them, wipe them dry, and cut them on both sides to make them more delicious. Add oyster sauce, light soy sauce, cooking wine, chopped ginger and garlic, black pepper, and Orleans marinade in turn. Reduce a drop of corn starch, mix them evenly, and refrigerate them in the refrigerator for 2 hours to remove the smell.


2. Toshiba air fryer microwave is ready. Lay a layer of tinfoil under the bottom, put the marinated chicken wings in place, spray a layer of vegetable oil with the oil pot, and if you like sweet, you can brush a layer of honey water, raise the temperature by 200 degrees, bake for 8 minutes, spray oil on the side, and bake for another 7 minutes, without a drop of oil in the whole process.


3. The finished product is golden in color, crispy on the outside, more delicious on the inside, and much more delicious than the ones bought outside. There are no additives or real materials. The family can eat at ease. The outside is crisp and the inside is tender, and the CD will be ready soon.

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