What do we know about Beautician and Makeup Course?

This is a critical course in which students learn how to work as a makeup artist and deal with corrective treatments of cosmetics for the skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Students can practice and learn how to wear makeup that is suitable for everyday uses, special occasions, high fashion, and how to properly apply makeup while posing as models for fashion-related photography, both visual and print photography, in this class. Classroom demonstrations and theoretical understanding of face shapes, how to apply makeup on different skin tones, colour theory, new cosmetics trends, and different application styles are all included in makeup courses.

  • Course on Hairstyling 

If you’ve finished the makeup course, you can start with a simple hairstyling course. This is an elective course that covers a detailed knowledge of grooming products such as hot and cold rollers, blow dryers, and hot irons, as well as how to use them to build new hairstyles that improve the look for every event. They are also taught how to control and arrange their hair according to their facial structures and events. You can learn all about this at the best makeup academy in Chandigarh, lakme academy. 

  • Airbrushing Course

This is an elective class in which students learn how to operate an airbrush system properly and how to apply the right strategies to both the body and the face. Classes in airbrushing often include tanning and makeup applications, as well as colouring prosthetics for use in producing special effects for films, tv, or theatre. This course can be taken after, before, or after the simple makeup course.

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  • Course on Stage Makeup 


Students must learn how to work for a variety of directors who have varying preferences in terms of actors, scenarios, dramatic lighting, and whether the work is for the stage, screen, or video. Makeup artists can also be called in to create historical figures or characters in horror films. Students can learn how to use makeup, prosthetics, and other tools to produce wounds, fractures, and abrasions, as well as how to add the ageing effect to performers. Students will be taught how to develop facial and body hair, as well as how to cover their heads with bald caps and the like. Lakme academy in Chandigarh can help students learn the art of makeup, hairstyling, and so much more.

If you are passionate about makeup, enroll in some of the best beauty courses offered by some renowned brands. 

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