What Do You Need To Know About Cherry Pie Strain Cannabis?

Cherry pie strain weed is a potent variety of cannabis that’s been making waves in the medical marijuana world. With only around 18-20% THC content, it may seem like a lightweight in the weed world.

But the high is very different from your average indica or sativa high – cherry pie has properties of both strains. This means it’s a great choice if you want to relax with a clear head, but also be able to enjoy edible treats and not have them knock you out entirely.

This article is aimed at giving you the best information on everything you want to know about cherry pie. You’ll find answers to the following questions:

[1] Is cherry pie a hybrid strain?

Most cannabis strains contain THC, the chemical powerhouse behind cannabis. THC is the “high” produced by the drug. It’s what makes you feel relaxed, buzzed, or even downright stoned when consumed. CBD, on the other hand, is another compound that doesn’t get you high. But it is responsible for most of the medicinal benefits of cannabis instead. 

Cherry pie is a combination of both. Cherry is an indica dominant variety, but because it also contains traces of THC, it’s considered a hybrid. So users can expect a bit of benefit of both THC and CBD. The indica dominant variety means that it can be used in the daytime.

[2] what is the cherry pie strain cannabis used to treat?

Cherry pie cannabis strain is thought of as an appetite suppressant and a great sleep aid. It also helps to relieve stress, relieve muscle tension and pain, and relax the body. Cherry pie cannabis is said to be good for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms.

A lot of people who buy this stuff use it medicinally to treat arthritis stiffness and even cancer-related symptoms. Cherry pies may also help you sleep better by blocking out the effects of THC in the brain that are responsible for getting you “too high.”

[3] is cherry pie strain good for pain relief?

Cherry pie strain cannabis is effective as a painkiller. Researchers have even gone as far as to say that it may serve to replace morphine in the coming years. The reason you can use this stuff for pain relief is because of the CBD content in it, which is responsible for most of its medicinal value. Patients who take cherry pie strain weed report that their pain subsides, and the muscle tension and spasms are often relieved immediately.

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