What Do You Prefer For Your New Home: Curved Stairlifts Or Elevators?

With growing age, ligaments, joints, weak bones, muscles, and loss of stability pose a challenge to climbing the stairs. Several senior citizens avoid using stairs and settle for a single-level home. They may even prefer retirement homes. Installing lifts or Elevators will help senior citizens to stay in a multi-storeyed building.

Staying at your home offers comfort and reduces stress. It also ensures privacy. You can keep your memories of living with loved ones and parents longer and lead a healthy life. Therefore, making changes to your existing home is an ideal option.

  • Curved Stair Lifts

You can select curved stair lifts Lexington KY for your new home or for modifying your existing home to help your parents climb the stairs effortlessly. It also prevents injuries. You can choose to install a stair lift to lift your parents’ one floor or multiple floors at a time.

The curved stair lifts are designed and customized for stairs that have a turn. You can order them either for

  • Spiral staircases
  • Straight cases
  • To make a 90o turn

They are customized to perfectly fit the shape of your stairs. It is a motorized chair for senior citizens to effortlessly climb the stairs. Your father, mother, or grandparents need to sit in the chair and tighten the seat belt and press the switch to climb up or down the stairs.

  • Cost of curved stairlifts

The custom-made stair lifts in Lexington, KY could cost $3,500 or more. You can consult a local dealer to get free quotes for curved stair lifts Lexington KY. The executives of a local dealer will visit your home to take measurements and give a quote. You need to get three or more quotes, compare them, and select the lowest or second lowest after reading their credentials and after-sales support.

You need to understand that stairlifts in Lexington are not covered under the insurance. However, you need to check the warranty options like a 5-year warranty when selecting the curved stairlifts for your home renovation or new home. It is advised to select a local company for installing your stairlifts to get quick assistance even after the warranty ends.

  • Straight stair lifts for senior citizens

The home elevators Lexington KY help you or your family members to smoothly climb to the first, second, and third floors, etc. A lot of options are available in the elevators for your home or commercial establishment. You can choose either a transparent lift or a non-transparent lift for your home.

The residential elevators require an elevator shaft or hoistway built to certain specifications to suit your home. It is a necessity to install the elevator within the existing space and requires some modifications. You can choose the elevators either for a single person or multiple persons depending on the available space in your home.

  • Warranty for elevators

You need to get quotes for home or residential elevators from local dealers, compare the cost and select the lowest quote without compromising on the quality. You need to read the credentials of the dealer before deciding to buy and installelevators Lexington KY in your home. A warranty of 5 or 10 years is very important when ordering elevators.

The residential customers in Lexington can choose to install either a straight/ curved stairlift or elevators to assist their aging parents or family members with comfort and prevent injuries. After-sales support is a very important part of selecting the mobility option for your home.

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