What does a certified language translation agency mean?


If you are from other country and submit your documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, testimonials, criminal records, certificates or visa applications and certificates to an authority or office, then a simple translation is not enough. In this case, you will need legal document translation services like sunderlandtranslations.com.

For us, it is important to arrange your translation order correctly from the first moment to process it in a targeted manner because you need a certified translation.

Translations of excerpts from commercial registers, court decisions and contracts must also be certified.

We at sunderlandtranslations.com offer translations services in the following areas:

– Birth certificates
– Marriage certificates
– Character references
– Driving licenses
– Divorce comparisons
– Records
– Testimonies
– Visa applications
– Insurance certificates

Business documents, such as:

– Company Register Extracts
– Company formation
– Commercial Register excerpts
– Court decisions
– Contracts
– Certified translation

What exactly is a certified or sworn translation?

A certified language translation agency may only be carried out by a legally sworn translator, a court sworn translator. To be eligible for this title, translators must not only have completed their language studies but, after a long practical experience, they must pass a rigorous examination of the administration of justice. Only then will they be given the power to allow permission to carry out certified translations.

As a professional language translation agency, our technical translators provide editions of brochures, product catalogs, technical drawings, spare parts catalogs, and specifications, as well as translation of test, reports English to French and vice versa.

As a technical translation agency you can guarantee professional quality management, a project planning individually tailored to your project and a smooth working process.

Numerous international companies from mechanical engineering, plant construction, vehicle construction, control and measurement technology or manufacturing technology are already part of our customer base.

We also offer English to French translation book service.

What is the procedure for a certified translation?

– You send us the document, either scanned or legible and fully photographed by e-mail.
– You bring the documents personally in our office over.
– You send us the documents by post – here we recommend NO originals, but only to send copies or you send by registered mail.
– We will contact you immediately upon receipt, by telephone or by e-mail with our completion date and the cost estimate.

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