What Does a Food Broker Do for Its Clients?

Different people have different skillsets. For example, an artist can create beautiful work but have difficulty promoting or marketing it. This is where a manager or an agent would come into the picture.

In the CPG industry, a good food broker or grocery broker can serve as a kind of agent or talent scout for vendors and retailers. It can connect brands with stores that will benefit from their products and vice versa.


A great food broker can give its clients:

Insights into Industry Trends & Competitors

An expert food broker can provide insights not just into a client’s success but its competitors’ too. It can analyze the competitive landscape and give a brand an idea of how its products and promotions are performing.

With this information, a skilled, experienced grocery broker can then make recommendations as to product assortments and distribution. A food brokerage agency should also be able to help its clients forecast item sales and keep them up-to-date on new brands and trends.

Comprehensive, Customized CPG Marketing

The best CPG brokers can help clients develop marketing plans and strategies that put their brands in the best possible light. Knowledgeable food brokers can work with brands to enhance their current shelf promotions and strengthen the bonds that they have with retailers.

Some grocery brokers can go the extra mile and offer a full range of CPG marketing services, including:

• Conceptualizing and establishing brand messaging
• Assisting with copywriting, broadcast or digital production and packaging
• Developing customized applications for enterprises
• Providing PR support and content creation for a variety of company announcements, product launches and crisis management
• Understanding promotional opportunities to help clients implement the best events for the spend
• Using data and analytics to identify and proactively pursue promotional opportunities with retailers
• Planning and coordinating special events

Reliable, High-Result Support and Solutions

The very best food brokers see their clients as more than profits. They act as true representatives for brands by providing ongoing, wide-ranging, goal-driven sales support. This could involve:

• Regularly dispatching teams to grocery stores and other locations to address any issues and ensure proper stocking of products
• Providing real-time feedback on pricing, displays and activity at the store level
• Tracking sales representative routes and store visits for maximum transparency and accountability

The most reliable grocery brokers are there whenever vendors need them. They can offer clients 24/7 customer service to ensure that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

Considerate food brokers will assign a specific rep to a vendor both to foster trust and to ensure a high level of service. Not only does this practice help clients put a face to the agencies they work with, it allows CPG brokers to understand their clients’ particular needs better.

Impact Group acts as a full-service sales and marketing agency for its CPG clients. The company offers 24/7 service and consistently error-free invoicing.

About Impact Group

Impact Group is an industry-leading US food broker. The company gives vendors a personalized approach to CPG marketing, allowing them to connect with retailers of all sizes.

For additional information, visit Impactgrp.com

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