What Does a General Dentist Do?

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is an international non-profit organization representing dentists who prioritize long-term oral health. Members are committed to quality continuing education programs that allow them to provide patients with superior treatment options.

Your general dentist serves as your primary dental care provider and oversees your overall oral health, performing regular teeth cleanings and examinations to maintain good dental care.
Preventive Services

As its name implies, general dentistry utilizes routine treatments to promote oral health and avoid future issues. It works hand in hand with good oral hygiene habits outside professional dental care to reduce risks related to tooth damage or disease.

These services include X-rays, teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar build-up responsible for tooth deterioration and gum diseases, as well as tartar removal (which requires special tools to do effectively). General dentists also utilize fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel.dentist jeddah

Preventive procedures such as composite resin repair can be especially helpful to younger patients. A general dentist can also offer mouthguards to protect the teeth from sports injuries or traumas; and recommend lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking or cutting back on sugary beverages to promote overall oral health. Preventive procedures should be an integral part of life for everyone; they’re particularly essential for young patients.
Restorative Services

Restorative dentistry treatments provide treatments to repair damaged teeth, improve chewing function and lower the risk of future dental issues. From minor fillings to replacing missing ones, restorative treatments offer solutions.

Some cosmetic procedures for restorative procedures are also cosmetic in nature, like veneers and teeth whitening. While such improvements may seem superficial, they’re essential in keeping a balanced smile healthy.

Minor restorative treatments can often forestall more involved procedures like root canal therapy in the future. These techniques involve cleaning and sanitizing a tooth before filling any cavities with composite resin filler.

Restorative treatments may be necessary if you’re suffering from deep cavities, crooked or chipped teeth or gaps in your smile. Your general dentist can repair these issues to preserve oral health and appearance – delaying repairs could result in further complications like tooth decay and gum disease if left unaddressed; acting promptly on any issue is always better.
Cosmetic Services

General dentists specialize in offering numerous services designed to prevent and address oral health concerns, such as oral exams, dental x-rays and regular cleanings. Furthermore, general dentists also perform restoration procedures like fillings and extractions to address gum disease or decay underlying issues as preventive treatments; thus lowering the likelihood of needing more invasive procedures in the future.

General dentistry includes cosmetic services to help maintain healthy and attractive smiles for its patients. These may include teeth whitening or veneers to improve the appearance of patients’ teeth or bite.

Cosmetic dentists differ from general dentists by having more training and experience performing procedures that improve the appearance of patients’ smiles. Furthermore, cosmetic dentists typically attend more seminars and training to keep their skills current in the field – this ensures they provide patients with optimal results.
Overall Health Concerns

General dentists serve as individuals’ first line of dental care providers, offering preventative maintenance and diagnosing any oral health issues they might experience. Furthermore, they also offer other services which may improve overall wellbeing for their patients.

Routine dental exams play an integral part in supporting overall physical wellness by helping identify issues such as cancers, nutritional deficiencies or jaw disorders that could compromise patients’ lives – potentially saving lives while contributing to happier, healthier lives for them and their loved ones.

General dentists offer another service: professional teeth cleaning. This involves extracting any buildup of bacteria in one’s mouth to maintain good oral health and can reduce the need for more intensive procedures such as root canals or crowns. General dentists may also offer advice about better brushing and flossing techniques; in cases they can’t perform certain procedures themselves they will refer patients on to specialists; they may even fit patients for sports-specific mouthguards for protection during play.

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