What does a merchant navy official do and what to do to become merchant navy official?

The merchant marine is the commercial shipping industry of the India. It includes:-

  • Cruise ships
  • Container ship
  • High-tech ferries
  • High quality oil tankers for oil, gas and chemicals.
  • Modern bulk carriers that transport minerals, grain and coal
  • Specialized support vessels

The officers of the merchant marine cover manage the navigation, communications, crew, cargo and general operation of the ship. They also take care of passengers on boats and participate in social events on board.


As a cover officer, you would work at one of the four levels, based on your experience:

  • Master (Captain): you would be fully responsible for the operation and general safety of the ship, the crew (ratings), the passengers and the cargo. You would handle legal and business matters and keep all ship records updated.
  • General Manager: you will assist the Master and supervise the operations and the maintenance of the platform, the handling of the load and the storage. You would also administer work schedules and supervise other officers.
  • Second officer: you would be responsible for navigation, using radar, satellite and computer systems. It would also control the position, speed, direction and weather reports of the vessel, and perform surveillance tasks at sea and in the port.
  • Third officer: this is usually his first post after training, dealing with the security team and the lifeboats of the ship. You would help the second officer and carry out surveillance tasks.

Some very large cargo and passenger ships may have a fifth level of officers.

As a deck officer in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, you could be responsible for monitoring helicopter movements, specialized navigation and control of nuclear biological chemical damage (NCBD).

What do I need to do to become a deck officer in the merchant marine?

You can join the Marine Engineering Colleges from the age of 16 as an official cadet or marine apprentice and train as a deck permit. You will have at least four 10+2, or equivalent qualifications. These should include English, math and physics (or combined science).

You must have good eyesight and be in good physical shape, as you will have to pass a medical examination before you can start training.

You can also start Merchant Navy career after 10th. These courses usually include practical training on board.

Relevant topics for Merchant Navy career after 12th include:

  • Nautical science
  • Navigation and maritime science.
  • Marine Engineering.

Normally you would need a level A or equivalent qualifications, which include math and / or science. In general, you would also need to find a sponsor company to submit to initial training.

Where could I be working?

You would work on deck after Merchant Navy Courses after 10th, under deck and on the bridge, in all weather conditions. You can find positions both on land and on the high seas with shipping companies, port authorities, maritime insurance companies and shipping agents.

Essential qualifications

You will need at least four GCSE (grades A-C) or equivalent qualifications to fill Navy Online Application Form. These should include English, math and physics (or combined science).

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