What Does a Renewable Energy Consultant Do?

To ensure the success of your energy project, get the right people on board to provide the support you need. Whether you’re looking for someone to conduct a feasibility analysis or further develop your project, careful attention must be paid to your hiring decisions. If you are looking for a consultant, here’s a look at what a consultant does and what you should look for before you pick one to be a part of your team.

Go Over the Job Description

Before anything else, you need to be clear about the basic tasks and responsibilities of a renewable energy consultant. Talk to prospective energy consultants about your job description, including your expectations in the way of their assistance and services. This is the perfect time for them to set the record straight, too, or ask for adjustments to the JD. If there are any questions you would like to ask, go ahead before you pick one to be your consultant. Here’s a look at some of the tasks that your consultant must handle.

Determine Energy Consumption

If your project requires on-site building assessments, the energy consultant is expected to take care of that. You can’t proceed with the project unless you know how much energy consumption is generated in a site or property that you’ll be working on.

Analyzing Data

An energy consultant has the skill set to perform data analysis. The consultant reviews the current rates of energy usage and compares the information with historical records. That analysis helps the consultant look for errors, pinpoint problems that could come up, and how to resolve them.

Making Audit Reports

However, beyond the usual audit reports, consultants are well able to come up with audit reports that are actionable and easy to understand. That matters when you’re hiring a consultant. You want someone who can explain the problem and solution with ease. Complicated audit reports that are too hard to understand deliver little to no value. What’s important to a good consultant is that the client understands the report. If no understanding is reached, then that’s a waste of a consultant’s time and resources.

Aid Partnership

Another task that a consultant undertakes is assessing the performance of other energy companies. After carrying out an assessment, the goal is to look for companies that your own organization can partner with.

Presenting Recommendations

One of the most important tasks of an energy consultant is to prepare documents that outline recommendations. These recommendations come with cost estimates and ideas on how to implement them, making it easier for you and your team to talk about options, costs, and estimates. With those recommendations, making intelligent choices is much easier.

Get Proposals

It also falls under the tasks of a consultant to reach out to vendors, providers, and other contractors of renewable energy equipment for proposals. With a consultant’s help, your energy project should gain traction in no time. Also, with the proposals ready, all you’ll need is to work out with your team and figure out which proposal succeeds in addressing your needs.

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