What Does Brand Integrity Mean and Why Is It Important?

Effects caused by “counterfeiting ruins your brand integrity” are reported on a regular basis in papers and articles relating to compromised goods and services.

Yet What Exactly Does ‘Brand Integrity’ Mean?


Your Brand

Your brand is the way your product aligns with your organizations, and it is known to the market at large and the public.

It comes as no surprise to see someone assimilating your product or service after buying from you. These fakers will imitate the information about the product or service as part of their purchasing activity.


Why Is That Important?

Brand protection is essential because it boots and creates a concept known as ‘brand recognition.’ Brand recognition is vital because when presenting a revised service or product or a new product in the market, it can be easily identified by your customers, reducing the cost of advertising the new or modified product.

Your brand is what displays your company’s reputation. Organizations that do well, succeed, and earn large market share have taken great steps to protect their brand recognition. But, doing the opposite can cause the company to miss the big picture and, at a point, it can take the entire success into astray.


The Relationship Between Brand And Counterfeiting

If your competitor is making same products as yours or using the same marketing strategies as your company are not only breaching the laws but also challenging your brand integrity.

Simply put, it will be hard for your customers to easily identify products from your organization from other products. Your brand is no longer linked with your products and this will seriously kill customer confidence and trust when buying products from your organization.

Although there is an implied assumption that actually the other products are of low quality as compared to yours. It is because market forces dictate that the other company is selling the counterfeits products at a lower price in relation to your genuine products. This means that the quality is poor as well. If they are producing similar products as yours, substantially selling at a cheaper price than yours, then it might be time to review your business model!

It is dangerous as customers will start developing a mindset that your products have become of low quality. You need to take an action to revive your brand identity as soon as this happens, otherwise it will cost you much.


Maintaining Brand Integrity

Nearly all organizations do what it takes to protect their brand using different brand integrity solutions including things such as DNA encoding.

You should consider putting invisible markers into your products that cannot be imitated by fakers. It facilitates the wholesalers and law enforcement agencies to easily identify the fake and counterfeit products carrying your brand and punish frauders as well as destroying the counterfeit products.

Maintaining your Brand integrity ensures that your products in the market place will meet the values you set up as an organization. It has also helped to curb the production of fake products and exploitation of the customers.


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