What does Jessica Henwick Think about the Matrix Franchise?

The Iron Fist actress has hailed her film Matrix 4 as some sort of an “Industry Game Changer” just like the original 1999 film.

That’s the biggest compliment any film can attain because being compared to Matrix 1 is like memorizing things like Moneta, destroying things like Perses, or loving someone like Eros. In other words, you cannot describe how much change Matrix 1 brought in people’s minds with respect to how they saw movies. Considering the demand, Lana Wachowski has embarked on the 4th installment in the Matrix franchise, returning to the world after 17 years.

The reason why Matrix 1 is special because none of the subsequent sequels have ever achieved the apogee attained by the 1st film. The most common criticism that The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions have got is the fact that the protagonist Neo never gets challenged anywhere throughout his missions. Things have become quite easy for him after Matrix 1.

However, Lana Wachowski is not the one that can be bogged down by criticisms easily. She has prepared herself with a new script, and we hope that she has taken a look at the criticisms that Matrix’s sequels had received . She has also added a bunch of new names in the supporting cast, and that includes Iron First star Jessica Henwick.

Henwick has recently given an interview in which she has hailed Wachowski’s work and is expecting big things from Matrix 4.

She also added that apart from building an interesting set piece, Wachowski has also worked on camera rigs in a way she has never seen before.

Lana Wachowski has clearly blown Henwick’s mind with her creativity. In the interview, she mentions that while explaining a scene, she first ascertains whether the actor could do things ordinarily and when they agree, she introduces her own creative tweaks and expects the actors to challenge themselves with that.

The 1999 film explored the character Neo as he labored hard to survive in an illusive world, which showed a dystopian society in future where humans have been enslaved by machines. The machine-led world was, of course, not the reality, and in fact, it was an illusion that was mimicking the reality and has been existing alongside the physical world. This allowed Wachowski to be more creative, and it eventually led to some iconic scenes such as bullet time (which was copied nonchalantly by several movies that were made afterward.). Chinese Wuxia action scenes also garnered applause all over the world.

The action scenes were also something out of this world and took away the breath of the audience because they hadn’t seen anything quite like it.

Matrix 4 though very ambitious but is still very far away from Matrix 1. We can only compare the two once the 4th installment gets released, and all the critical reviews have come out. However, Wachowski has included Chad Stahelski, who was quite brilliant in his artworks for Matrix 1 and is currently quite successful with his phenomenal John Wick franchise. Stahelski will work as an action choreographer and has recently stated in an interview that the action scenes in John Wick 4 will transcend everything in action that has been done to this day.

Big noise? Yes, I agree. We will see how the film goes.

Matrix 4 will reunite Keanu Reeves (who will also start to work on Jon Wick 4 & 5) with Carrie Ann Moss once again. Supporting them is a stellar supporting cast that includes names like Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, How I Met Your Mother’s Barney- Neil Patrick Harris, Mindhunters star Jonathan Groff, Iron Fist’s Colleen Wing- Jessica Henwick, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

For now, Matrix 4 has a release date of April the 1st, 2022.

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